Daily Archives: June 2, 2018

Open Mic for Charter School of Wilmington Teachers

Kilroy’s Delaware is extending an invitation to all Charter School of Wilmington Teachers to weigh-in on the recent union vote.

To protect your identity use a nick-name of your choice and if you are paranoid create a bogus E-mail via Yahoo or another free E-mail provider. 

The rule is, be respectful to others commenting and if you mention CSW administration by name or board members please down make them personal attacks. Be objective to the issues.

FYI , I support organized labor and when it comes to Delaware Public School teacher “associations”, the local voice is the heart and soul of what’s best for members. The external voice aka DSEA sometimes fuels the hate towards unions. Not for being union but for their leadership drifting into broad national partisan politics. Those paying DSEA dues shouldn’t fund misguided egos. Remember CSW teacher association!  Be your own voice and don’t let DSEA be your voice! 

To the CSW board. It’s obvious you have structural leadership deficiencies within the board and / or with school administration. Obviously , your new problem was self-inflicted! Face it ! You don’t have financial resources to spend time in court and feed the mouth of your founder, the Don. 

Kilroy has a long standing policy of not outing those who comment.  I believe , in debate their is truth. 

Publius are you going to sit there and not weigh-in? Crawl-fish Daddy, stop watching reruns of I Love Lucy and engage. To Don. What the hell did they do to your charter school grand-baby CSW?