O Henry ! CSW Teachers votes yes to become unionized !

See the news over at Kevin’s sandbox ; Charter School of Wilmington Teachers Vote To Unionize And Join DSEA

I can tell you one thing, CSW fiances doesn’t allow much reserve for legal battles with union protected teacher.  

But I don’t get it ! CSW teachers have all the best tools and the most well behaved students ! Is the charter school pay that bad?

One thing for sure the Don must be pissed and might shave that unibrow off!

3 responses to “O Henry ! CSW Teachers votes yes to become unionized !

  1. Are you sure this isn’t done just so if a teacher or two slaps around a student they know it’ll be protected and covered up by the DSEA?


  2. Mike Broaddus

    It has NEVER been about the students. It is about maintaining a growing union membership so the union fat cats can get bonuses and keep their cushy gigs. The union doesn’t give a DAMN about the students except the numbers of kids necessary to add teachers as members. If they could get rid of the students and keep the members’ dues, you can bet they would.

    In the construction industry, unions have proven they really don’t care about members even being Americans as they are promoting hiring illegals. Don’t get me started on the lazy government workers who are protected by unions at the expense of the taxpayer……..