Forget about doing the right thing :The stage has been set for property reassessment to increase “public” school funding.

School District Consolidation Task Force issues final report 

Continuing the failed management of Delaware public education by pouring more money into public education by victimizing taxpayers is immoral.

Delaware state legislators must fund traditional and charter schools as they do votech schools. Votech schools local funding via property taxes are set by the state legislators. Have you ever heard of a referendum for a Delaware public votech school? By requiring all public schools local property tax rate set by state legislators will force better financial management of all public and charter schools. When will DSEA come out and push for the needed change? Perhaps when it’s leader get his head out of national politics and focus on what he is getting paid for. The “D” in DSEA means Delaware ! But then again, the “D” could be for his performance as a DSEA leader.  We need radical changes in how Delaware public schools are funded and financially managed by superintendents. 

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  1. if delaware has one of the higest per capita student investment rates, how are schools underfunded?


  2. Go ahead and do re-assessments: watch what then happens and watch how the state will again attempt to redistribute. Think Wilmington residents will pay more taxes? NOPE. Only those on the route 52 corridor. Think it will actually improve student performance? NOPE. The money will just be funneled into the black hole of the educational system with no mechanism to validate the expenditures.

    The DSEA, like other teacher’s unions, do not have the residents’ or the students’ interests as their main priority. Their priority, like other unions, is their union members.
    Name another profession where college educated staff are in a union. There are very few. Secondly, the only real unions or professions utilizing unions are those that are State employees OR firms that work for the state (highway construction, state building construction, etc.)

    What do unions do? They typically fund political campaigns and even more specifically, they fund democratic candidates’ campaigns. Low and behold, Democrat controlled Delaware continues to entertain Unions, union interests and union ideology. Note: most residents are not in unions but are forced to fund unions via prevailing wage contracts, teachers unions, and the AFL CIO members who perform work at state buildings.

    Why are schools ‘underfunded’? They may be underfunded because the salaries of; teachers, administration and school operation staff have exceeded the residents ability to pay. The tipping point has been reached. The residents cannot afford the unions, the unions’ demands and the unions’ salaries/ pensions. WHERE DID ALL THE UAW JOBS GO? Yes the teachers are vital, yes they deserve ‘reasonable’ salaries, but as a non-revenue generating operation, schools do not and are not providing a sufficient return on the investment. Delaware schools are not educating children to sufficient levels. Schools are not educating the ‘willing’ sufficiently. Schools are not focused on the majority. When you have articles like this:
    framing how to fight salary fights with nary a reference to how they really will improve the students academic performance, you see the incongruent nature of teachers unions.

    “9. Cook up creative new ways to push for higher pay. The New Jersey Education Association marched into superintendents’ gatherings to distribute schedules from districts with higher starting pay — exploiting inter-district rivalry — while the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) rattled its pork-producing state with the message, “North Carolina: First in Hogs, 42nd in Teacher Pay.” ”

    -COOK UP creative ways to push higher pay?
    -exploit inter-district rivalry?
    How many times do we have to hear how Delaware compares to NJ and PA with 3x the property taxes?

    Legislators’ political biases will not appropriately represent residents interests. (they should but they don’t) They will represent their interests and their campaign’s interests [democrat agendas]. (i.e.: union lobbying) rather than fiscal responsibility.

    Average teacher’s salary: 60k (15 year teacher is more like 75k)
    Average starting teacher’s salary: 41k
    Average Delawarean’s salary: 58k
    So teachers on average are paid higher than the rest of Delaware. Bear in mind ALL teachers are being paid by TAXPAYERS not a businesses’ revenue. This also doesn’t take into account most teachers are not at the average. The median is very different. They have master’s degrees and other additional qualifications which pump up their salaries.

    Delaware represents the ‘deep state’ to a “T”, rather a “D”. They have become entrenched in the corrosive attitudes of no accountability and how to spend other people’s money. Self serving the nature of government. More money, higher assessments will not improve our schools.

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  3. Will Garfinkel

    Please remember that teachers and other part time employees only work .7 percent of a full working year. Therefore, you have to divide their nominal salary, say 60,000 by .7 to get an annualized salary. 60,000 / .7 =. 85,714. Full time benefits not included.


  4. Will: Where on earth are you getting your calculations. They are humorous.


  5. Melissa: Most teachers work 9 months of the year.
    52 weeks -12 weeks(Summer) -3 weeks (all holidays)= 37 weeks
    37 divided by 52 = .71 of the year. Teachers work 71% of the year as compared to other employees.
    Many teachers work more than 40 hours a week but that is probably not the majority. So by rough numbers, regular teachers, who don’t work second jobs, are paid a higher average YEARLY salary than average Delawareans and teachers only work 71% of the year.
    If they worked the full year at their nominal rate they would make more money, bumping them even higher than their current annual rate.

    What is humorous is the need to explain this to someone who wanted to make it a jab.

    If teachers were required to work summer school at their current annual rate, it might be more comparable to other Delawareans in addition to providing the educational services needed to address the remedial work so many students need because the students simply won’t apply themselves during the school year. It would benefit the teachers / union as well because instead of receiving socially promoted students, they might receive grade ready students.

    Maybe this is a proposal our legislators should adopt to force teachers to work a full year AND promote better education for grade level students. Any Legislators like Kowalko listening?? Force teachers to work a full year to improve education in the State. Mike Matthews, with your pants down low, are you ready to pull up your big boy pants and work a full year the way other professionals do? Mr. Kilroy, want to place bets on the acceptance of this proposal? If they are looking out for our disadvantaged students and residents, this is a Win-Win. Better Education & Better fiscal responsibility.