Teachers striking this time of year isn’t “for the kids”

I understand the issues behind the teacher strikes around the country. However, its having a negative impact on students currently in school. What right do teachers in these states have making current students sacrificial lambs for the better of the future of education in their state?

To the question of teacher compensation. I don’t see anywhere where people were rounded up and forced to work in public education. Obviously the choice was made by educated adults. Don’t get me wrong boy who can’t see his reflection in the mirror. But teachers public and non-public are valued members of society and I support traditional public education. But honestly, if there is money to be found and raised we need to use it to support and increase the needs of our law enforcement. Then there is this question, should teachers be paid more than social-workers? 

As far as looking at increasing public school funding in Delaware the time has come to fund all traditional public school like how Delaware votech schools are, The state legislators set the local tax-rates for votech schools. This is ground zero for the making positive changes in Public school funding. We need teachers in the classrooms teaching and legislators that have their backs. When we have legislators like Rep Paul Baumbach burning so much energy trashing President Trump while at the same time defending his support for former Governor Jack Markell who single handily upended Delaware public education  sits around with his thumb up is ass on Delaware school funding we’ll never be able to address the problem. 

Delaware needs to improve on the issues we’re seeing around the country is being held hostage by education labor leaders who spend more time on broad political rather than investing himself in a job that he is being “PAID” to do. I have the theory that to reform a nation we must do it state by state with common goals. Children who are undeserved is all areas of needs is a result of failed adults.

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