More Red Clay deception over Conrad Schools of Science! Lawsuit brewing!

Looks like Merv’s band of idiots are at it again!

Former Conrad Middle School a feeder school was replaced with an all Choice-in 6-12 magnet school aka Conrad Schools of Science.  Red Clay claims there we forced to make the change for failing to meet NCLB law. Conrad Middle School was failing to meet the needs of community students  based on NCLB standards. So Red Clay’s answer was , create a magnet school where community children must Choice-in. Therefore ending the feeder-pattern.  Currently children living in what was Conrad Middle School feeder pattern are assigned to Skyline or Stanton. Red Clay failed community neighborhood kids so rather than addressing their needs. Conrad reassigned them forcing longer bus-rides and requiring students who were in walking distance to Conrad to also be bused.

Conrad School of Science has a twisted admission entrance process with point values. HOWEVER, as agreed prior to the formation of this new magnet school. Students currently living in the Conrad Middle School feeder-pattern would be given an admission preference. That preference was water-down to a 1 point advantage. Keep in mind the Neighborhood Schools Act whereas Red Clay was required to get approval of their neighborhood school plan which they did. However, that was before the change at Conrad. Community members yelled foul re: infringements on students living in the Conrad neighborhood rights to their neighborhood school aka Conrad. Rep Kim Williams went to bat for the community when Red Clay made no reference to the admission preference and  Red Clay made sure it was noted on Conrad’s admission process which it is. HOWEVER, Merv’s bandits are at it again. He de-linked the old feeder pattern so that parents in the area have no clue or reference to what the old feeder-pattern was. So now we have a court issue. I have it on good word that a few parents may seek a legal challenge to Red Clay game of Where’s Waldo and to the legitimacy of their magnet school infringement on the spirit of  the Neighborhood Schools Act. In-between the lines there are issues of deliberate attempt to create a Choice-In Conrad to purposely keep out at-risk students living in the Alban Park and Robinson Lane area which were in the old feeder-pattern. The students actually ride past Conrad to get to Stanton and Skyline which are miles further. Those raising these concerns are asking for my support and testimony when the time comes.

Attached is the Conrad Choice Application process. You’ll see reference to the old feeder-pattern but not mention or link to finding the old Conrad feeder-pattern. But now the question of intent on shifting at-risk students out of Conrad whereas academically many don’t stand a chance of getting in comes in to play. Red Clay school have left the middle school feeder-pattern stand and made the high school component Choice-in. As of now students accepted into the middle school must reapply for the high school component. This will be favorable in the legal complaint.



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