Ron Russo’s education reform brain fart

Ron the only way you can replicate Charter School of Wilmington in traditional public school is to tell all the at-risk students to stay home!

Ron, if we transplanted all the Charter School of Wilmington teachers and staff into John Dickinson High School and allow self-autonomy just it is at CSW keeping all the current students at JDS there would be very little academic improvement. If we end the enrollment specific preference and no entrance test the academic outcome wouldn’t be as it is at CSW.

The move to reform public education stems from the need to address the achievement gap between white and black students no compounded by the influx of Hispanic students. CSW has done ZERO to address the achievement gap to be replicated in traditional public schools.

What CSW does offer is a safe environment focused on educating students. Minimal classroom distractions and near zero tolerance in negative behavior. Also, “engaged” parents. We all want that and I don’t blame parents for using the CSW choice ! GOD BLESS THEM. However, we know the grassroots charter school movement was seeded by those who opposed the desegregation order that gave us forced busing. We swept that under the rug as we sell school choice. The founders of the charter school movement wrote in specific enrollment for charter schools who wanted to serve at-risk students! GOD BLESS then. De Facto segregation is just a white-wash over segregation. 

I am for charter, magnet and choice schools. However, the should be all straight up admission lotteries perform by a nonpartial 3rd party. No looking at students prior school performace or asking about economic status. Meaning doors swing the same way as all traditonal public schools.

You are a good man Ron. However, you are not a champion of the underdog! Back during the desgreation year there was the white-flight to private schools and the the brain drain to charter schools like CSW. At the end of the day Delaware public school system continues to fail children of color. Race to The Top is over and look what race is still in the starting blocks.  


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