The Little Delaware Boy who blew his political horn full of nails and glass! Karma strikes

Once upon time the was a little Delaware boy full of rebellious fire blowing his political horn thinking he was invisible. When he blew his horn full of nails and glass with such personal spite it rain-down on the men on the right. One day as the sun came up, the little Delaware boy realized he had to join the grownup world and he needed to take the nails and glass out of  his horn. He thought all would see his rebelliousness as just a young boy finding is way into political positioning. It never dawned on him, sometimes sorry doesn’t cut it or his childish games would be forgotten.

The little Delaware boy crossed the bridge into manhood and the working work. Politics are still dear to him. But he walks among those whom he sprayed with nails and glass. He now plays his political horn full of self-imposed political-righteousness spraying left and right. He blows so hard he can’t hear anyone but himself. Even J.C. had his fill.

The little Delaware boy is now deflecting what he once imposed on others. However, he continues to play his horn in the big hall with distasteful sounds of egotistical insults blind to himself. He puts on a victim act whereas his flock of clueless sheep rallies to his side.  His inner circle must conform with his ideology or they too will be chastised buy an ego laced with barbs. His political horn is being deflated by his our misguided ego. His sheep will fall victim as karma rains down and repercussions will be felt by those he claims he sound his political horn for.  His round-table is conspiring with a power-play to push him out of the circle in the name of self-preservation for the “good people” of the kingdom. He’ll leave with his horn hanging so low! His friends in respectable positions in the old fort will close the doors.  The little Delaware boy who set they playing field now as man calls foul, not fair! There is no timetable when karma strikes.      


4 responses to “The Little Delaware Boy who blew his political horn full of nails and glass! Karma strikes

  1. When viewing this from a laptop, your local radar map covers up part of the post. Just sayin! But I did read it all on my phone.


  2. Should I try to guess who you are talking about? No clue.