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Liberal Trojan Horse: calling for banning assault weapons is nothing more than stepping stone to eliminate 2nd Amendment.

I support certain aspects of gun law legislation but not changes to the 2nd Amendment. But of course, if I speak-out in defense of preserving the 2nd Amendment Liberals will claim I am not for protecting children. 

I’ve come to the conclusion, far left democrats want to disarm American. So, I’ll lose a couple of friends when I tell those legislators who support changes to the 2nd Amendment to go fuck themselves. 


Delaware: No Pot for Pain but Safe Shooting Galleries for those hooked on Horse

Is Delaware ready for safe drug injection sites?

Amen to that Matt

HB#2343: Terrorist can live in Delaware but can’t purchase or own firearms ? Walk the talk Debbie !

House Bill 343

149th General Assembly (Present)

Bill Progress

Current Status:

House Administration 3/20/18

What happens next?

Committee Hearing takes place within twelve legislative days.

Bill Details

Introduced on:


Primary Sponsor:

Additional Sponsor(s):


Long Title:


Original Synopsis:

Modeled after legislation passed in New Jersey on August 8, 2013, this legislation prohibits a person named on the federal terrorist watchlist from purchasing, owning, possessing or controlling a deadly weapon or ammunition for a firearm within the State.

Volume Chapter:


Fiscal Note/Fee Impact:

Not Required

This legislation makes no sense! The assumption here is, if you’re on the terrorist watch-list you’re a terrorist!  Why are these people permitted to live in Delaware? And why isn’t there a section in this legislation to require gun shops / dealers to report these individuals ? And the part referencing “possessing or owning” ! Would the attempt to purchase a weapon trigger an investigation to search potential buyer’s home? Looks like another feel-good piece of legislation.

This legislation must be modified to include any attempted purchases by these individual be reported to the Delaware State Police and FBI.  And the attempt to purchase weapons shall be probable cause for issuing a search warrant of the individuals home and vehicles. 

More Red Clay deception over Conrad Schools of Science! Lawsuit brewing!

Looks like Merv’s band of idiots are at it again!

Former Conrad Middle School a feeder school was replaced with an all Choice-in 6-12 magnet school aka Conrad Schools of Science.  Red Clay claims there we forced to make the change for failing to meet NCLB law. Conrad Middle School was failing to meet the needs of community students  based on NCLB standards. So Red Clay’s answer was , create a magnet school where community children must Choice-in. Therefore ending the feeder-pattern.  Currently children living in what was Conrad Middle School feeder pattern are assigned to Skyline or Stanton. Red Clay failed community neighborhood kids so rather than addressing their needs. Conrad reassigned them forcing longer bus-rides and requiring students who were in walking distance to Conrad to also be bused.

Conrad School of Science has a twisted admission entrance process with point values. HOWEVER, as agreed prior to the formation of this new magnet school. Students currently living in the Conrad Middle School feeder-pattern would be given an admission preference. That preference was water-down to a 1 point advantage. Keep in mind the Neighborhood Schools Act whereas Red Clay was required to get approval of their neighborhood school plan which they did. However, that was before the change at Conrad. Community members yelled foul re: infringements on students living in the Conrad neighborhood rights to their neighborhood school aka Conrad. Rep Kim Williams went to bat for the community when Red Clay made no reference to the admission preference and  Red Clay made sure it was noted on Conrad’s admission process which it is. HOWEVER, Merv’s bandits are at it again. He de-linked the old feeder pattern so that parents in the area have no clue or reference to what the old feeder-pattern was. So now we have a court issue. I have it on good word that a few parents may seek a legal challenge to Red Clay game of Where’s Waldo and to the legitimacy of their magnet school infringement on the spirit of  the Neighborhood Schools Act. In-between the lines there are issues of deliberate attempt to create a Choice-In Conrad to purposely keep out at-risk students living in the Alban Park and Robinson Lane area which were in the old feeder-pattern. The students actually ride past Conrad to get to Stanton and Skyline which are miles further. Those raising these concerns are asking for my support and testimony when the time comes.

Attached is the Conrad Choice Application process. You’ll see reference to the old feeder-pattern but not mention or link to finding the old Conrad feeder-pattern. But now the question of intent on shifting at-risk students out of Conrad whereas academically many don’t stand a chance of getting in comes in to play. Red Clay school have left the middle school feeder-pattern stand and made the high school component Choice-in. As of now students accepted into the middle school must reapply for the high school component. This will be favorable in the legal complaint.


Does the First Amendment only apply for student walkouts if the issue is gun control ?

School walkouts divide some Delaware schools, unite others , The News Journal Published 12:49 p.m. ET March 14, 2018 | Updated 8:51 a.m. ET March 15, 2018

While many of the students who walked out of Delaware schools to protest gun violence Wednesday felt supported by school administrators, others felt their First Amendment rights were squelched and that school officials were effectively silencing them by threatening to punish them for participating. 

What students did yesterday was great and I am so relieved there were no incidents of violence. We can’t fault those school districts who put safety first.

As for the First Amendment issues as it relates to K-12 students. Do they have all rights associated with the First Amendments as adults? Can they walkout of class over every issue even displeasure towards uniforms, standardized testing, quality of food being served in the cafeteria?  I say, I don’t think so while they are in school. 

Delaware legislators wants schools to complete for safety and security funding !

Introduced on:


Primary Sponsor:

Additional Sponsor(s):

Sen. Lopez 
Rep. Hensley


Long Title:


Original Synopsis:

This Act establishes the Delaware School Safety and Security Fund to allow eligible public schools to compete for grant awards to partially or fully fund projects intended to improve school safety or security. The Department of Education shall administer the competitive grant program. This Act further requires all funding to be awarded by a five-member committee consisting of representatives from the Department of Education, Department of Safety and Homeland Security, the Office of Management and Budget, the Governor’s office, and the Delaware Association of School Administrators. Said committee shall meet no later than thirty days after the effective date of this Act to develop rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this Section. Awards granted under this Section shall be limited to a maximum of $50,000 per school, with priority given to applications addressing a current unresolved safety or security issue, or an issue which would significantly improve the safety and security of the public school relative to the size of the investment.

Volume Chapter:


Fiscal Note/Fee Impact:


Effective Date:

Takes effect upon being signed into law


Delaware Legislators to make air-soft guns illegal for those under the age of 16 and OMG legislation with more holes than a piece of Swiss Cheese

View Parent Bill:

Introduced on:


Primary Sponsor:

Additional Sponsor(s):

Sen. McBrideMcDowell 
Reps. LonghurstPotter


Long Title:


Original Synopsis:

This bill changes the age of a person to whom another person can sell, give or transfer a firearm or ammunition for a firearm from 18 to 21. However, this bill permits a person to sell, give or transfer a firearm or ammunition for a firearm to a person under 21 years of age if the person under 21 is an active member of the United States Armed Forces or a law-enforcement officer or possesses a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon. The prohibition against the sale or transfer of a firearm to a person under 21 does not apply if that person is over 18 and the firearm is a shotgun or muzzle-loading rifle or if the ammunition is for such weapons. This bill does permit the transfer of a firearm or ammunition to a person under 21 so long as such transfer is without compensation and the person transferring is the parent or guardian of the person under 21 or has the permission of the parent or guardian. This bill increases the age from 18-21 for the person who must directly supervise a child under the age of 16 who is in possession of a firearm, BB, air, or spear gun.

Volume Chapter:


Fiscal Note/Fee Impact:


Effective Date:

Takes effect upon being signed into law

WTF ????????????? Air is referring to all guns propelled by air which mean air-soft guns. Look at all the loopholes allowing transfer of guns to those under 21. Why bother with such gun legislation?

Ron Russo’s education reform brain fart

Ron the only way you can replicate Charter School of Wilmington in traditional public school is to tell all the at-risk students to stay home!

Ron, if we transplanted all the Charter School of Wilmington teachers and staff into John Dickinson High School and allow self-autonomy just it is at CSW keeping all the current students at JDS there would be very little academic improvement. If we end the enrollment specific preference and no entrance test the academic outcome wouldn’t be as it is at CSW.

The move to reform public education stems from the need to address the achievement gap between white and black students no compounded by the influx of Hispanic students. CSW has done ZERO to address the achievement gap to be replicated in traditional public schools.

What CSW does offer is a safe environment focused on educating students. Minimal classroom distractions and near zero tolerance in negative behavior. Also, “engaged” parents. We all want that and I don’t blame parents for using the CSW choice ! GOD BLESS THEM. However, we know the grassroots charter school movement was seeded by those who opposed the desegregation order that gave us forced busing. We swept that under the rug as we sell school choice. The founders of the charter school movement wrote in specific enrollment for charter schools who wanted to serve at-risk students! GOD BLESS then. De Facto segregation is just a white-wash over segregation. 

I am for charter, magnet and choice schools. However, the should be all straight up admission lotteries perform by a nonpartial 3rd party. No looking at students prior school performace or asking about economic status. Meaning doors swing the same way as all traditonal public schools.

You are a good man Ron. However, you are not a champion of the underdog! Back during the desgreation year there was the white-flight to private schools and the the brain drain to charter schools like CSW. At the end of the day Delaware public school system continues to fail children of color. Race to The Top is over and look what race is still in the starting blocks.  

OMG ! Got stuck in my own brain fart supporting raising age 18 to 21 for long guns! Would be clear violation of the 2nd Amendment!

Raising the age from 18 to 21 to purchase a long gun does infringe on 2nd Amendment.

Assuming all 18, 19 and 20 years of age kids live at home with parents is wrong.

So for those who move out from living with parents and guardians will lose the right to protect themselves and property provided them under the 2nd Amendment.  Also, the right to hunt!

I honestly think someone in this age group and living situation work win a Supreme Court case!

The Little Delaware Boy who blew his political horn full of nails and glass! Karma strikes

Once upon time the was a little Delaware boy full of rebellious fire blowing his political horn thinking he was invisible. When he blew his horn full of nails and glass with such personal spite it rain-down on the men on the right. One day as the sun came up, the little Delaware boy realized he had to join the grownup world and he needed to take the nails and glass out of  his horn. He thought all would see his rebelliousness as just a young boy finding is way into political positioning. It never dawned on him, sometimes sorry doesn’t cut it or his childish games would be forgotten.

The little Delaware boy crossed the bridge into manhood and the working work. Politics are still dear to him. But he walks among those whom he sprayed with nails and glass. He now plays his political horn full of self-imposed political-righteousness spraying left and right. He blows so hard he can’t hear anyone but himself. Even J.C. had his fill.

The little Delaware boy is now deflecting what he once imposed on others. However, he continues to play his horn in the big hall with distasteful sounds of egotistical insults blind to himself. He puts on a victim act whereas his flock of clueless sheep rallies to his side.  His inner circle must conform with his ideology or they too will be chastised buy an ego laced with barbs. His political horn is being deflated by his our misguided ego. His sheep will fall victim as karma rains down and repercussions will be felt by those he claims he sound his political horn for.  His round-table is conspiring with a power-play to push him out of the circle in the name of self-preservation for the “good people” of the kingdom. He’ll leave with his horn hanging so low! His friends in respectable positions in the old fort will close the doors.  The little Delaware boy who set they playing field now as man calls foul, not fair! There is no timetable when karma strikes.      

As Americans have their partisan political squabbles with CNN fueling the divided. Our enemies rejoice and grow in strength!

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Protect American workers! Eye for an Eye re: Duty / Tariff Tax

Importing a car from outside the EU

A car or other motor vehicle imported to Germany from outside the EU is normally subject to a 10% import duty and a 19% import value added tax. (The value-added tax on imports is called import turnover tax (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer).

I just love when our local labor leaders stand with their union brother and sisters across American but criticize President Trump when he confront duty tax on American union made vehicles. 

Our trade policies should be an $$ eye for an $$ eye when it comes to duty taxes. 

WTF ? ” Toddlers, however, would still be able to own a rifle or shotgun given to them by an adult, even under Schwartzkopf’s bill.”

Delaware bill would block teens from buying rifles, shotguns , The News JournalPublished 1:17 p.m. ET March 1, 2018 |

Democratic legislators in Delaware are looking to block teens from buying rifles, shotguns and other weapons, the latest in a series of gun control bills now working their way through the General Assembly.

The bill, introduced Thursday by House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth Beach, would raise the legal age limit to purchase long guns and long-gun ammunition from 18 to 21 – matching a similar federal restriction on handgun purchases from licensed firearms dealers. 

“There’s no reason we should treat rifles or shotguns any differently,” Schwartzkopf said in a release.

The Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association – the local affiliate of the National Rifle Association – is opposed to Schwartzkopf’s bill, calling it an inconvenience to law-abiding citizens.


House Bill 330 would still allow a parent or guardian to purchase and then transfer ownership of a long gun to their child or sell one to them directly.

Well that defeat the purpose ! A kid could take the gun and parent could lie to cover their ass. Also, no provision for criminal charges against parents or guardian if their child kills someone! If a child wants to hunt with parent and guardian that us fine because the parent or guardian will be with them. The should be “no transfer of  ownership”. No reason for it! WRONG !!!! 

Federal law prohibits the possession of handguns by anyone younger than 18, with limited exceptions. Toddlers, however, would still be able to own a rifle or shotgun given to them by an adult, even under Schwartzkopf’s bill.

TODDLERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Schwartzkopf of his rocker ????????? What democrat will vote for this?