Breaking News! Delaware State Legislators have draft bill changing age from 18 to 21 to purchase long guns,

Paul Baumbach kilroy, the 18 to 21 bill has already been drafted, and I am a cosponsor. I expect it to be released today. The military-style firearm ban bill is being worked on by my colleagues, in partnership with the Governor, and I expect to cosponsor it, too. These concerns are being handled. If I were to ‘move the law’ by jumping in front of my colleagues with my own bill, I would confuse the matter and jeopardize the bill’s chance of passage. I care about policy success more than credit and spotlight.

The above is from Facebook engagement with Delaware  State Representative Paul Baumbach (D).

I’ve been dogging Paul on Facebook to put-up or shut-up ! The time to stop taking pot-shot at Washington and Trump is over for local legislators. Our local legislators have the power of the pen to make change now.

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t feel its right that many GOOD young people have to be penalized by changing age 18 to 21 to purchase a long gun. But its the lesser of two evil. Though I have great concerns about assault-style weapons. I feel our political embattled culture re: concerns with disarming Americans is dangerous! The complete breakdown in Florida with the school, state, federal and local authorities failed those students and the community.  

I feel we’ll see many legislators voting to change the 18 to 21 on purchase of long guns voting no on a rushed ban on assault-style weapons. Also, we need to address the failures in treating and intervention of children / students with mental-health  issues. 

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