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Sheriff Israel refuses to step! Will Stoneman students wrap their love around him?

Washington (CNN)Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Sunday he would not resign in the face of criticism about his agency’s response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

“Of course I won’t resign,” Israel said when pressed on the issue by CNN anchor Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”


CNN Jake Tapper refuses to put a countdown clock for protest to force Broward County Sheriff Israel to resign! @cnn @foxandfriends


Broward County Sheriff Israel  played the bias CNN puppet at the CNN Town Hall meeting know about his coward deputies and let Rubio take a beating! by a punk-ass kids handed a CNN approved script to call Rubio out on NRA donations. 

CNN had an on-air count down to town hall meeting clock! How about an on air clock calling for Sheriff Israel’s resignation Jack Tapper?  Yes or no? Are you going to do it? Come on Yes or no ?   

Delaware Governor Carney sets the stage for kicking the can down the road. Delaware legislators have a powerful assault weapon at their disposal ! AKA the pen! Will they find the ” Delaware” courage or keep blaming President Trump?

If Delaware waits on Washington nothing will get done. There is nothing stopping Delaware legislators to address anything! No one with concerning mental health issues deeming them a threat to themselves or others should be permitted to purchase a gun or own a gun.

Sadly the system in Florida had a complete catastrophic breakdown including police engagement and FBI. HOWEVER, we need to move forward to address the complete concern for public school safety.

Delaware Governor Carney wants to ban the sale of assault style weapons, Well here is a year’s debate on which guns are consider assault style. All semiautomatic weapons? Shot guns holding multiple shells beyond the ones in the barrel.

Why didn’t Carney include change the age from 18 to 21 in purchasing long rifles? This could be done next week if state legislators had the courage. Carney set the stage for kicking the can down the road.

As far as on campus school security. SRO’s need to be carrying rifles before the school opens and before first bell at end of the day. Local police need to take these times and incorporate in their patrol patterns and become highly visible around schools.

Trump has nothing to do with Delaware legislators doing whats right for Delaware. Invoking Trumps name in any of the conversation is just a deflection of those Delaware legislator lacking the courage to do what is right.

There were cowards within the Sheriff’s department in Broward County using children as human shields to protect themselves and we don’t need cowards in Dover who don’t want to do their jobs with weapon of choice aka their pens.