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CNN wasted no time to go on the offensive targeting Senator Rubio and NRA  after the town hall meeting,

CNN used the students and the Stoneman community to fuel their continue hate towards Senator Rubio, President Trump and the GOP.

Little Alfonzo will be a one hit CNN and wonder! He is out of focus and plays into the hand of the CNN hate! Shame on CNN.

Sad day in American when CNN controls the conversation!  

CNN Stoneman puppet show is disgusting

CNN is nothing more than an ambulance and creating an environment of continue of hate ! An opportunity to forget about red and blue and come together to find solutions has been soured by attacks on Senator Rubio. Personal attacks on Rubio by  Stoneman students was very disheartening.


Delaware Rep Jaques wants to armor-up Delaware public schools. Do you support HB 49 ?

House Bill 49

Introduced on:


Primary Sponsor:

Additional Sponsor(s):

Sen. Poore 
Rep. Miro


Sen. Walsh 
Reps. DukesMitchell

Long Title:


Original Synopsis:

This bill requires all new school construction or major renovation to include the following features: an intruder alarm, bulletproof glass in entrance areas and interior doors and windows, and doors lockable with keys on both sides. Further, the bill would require all new school construction plans to be submitted to the Office of Management and Budget’s Facilities Management Section for compliance with these requirements as well as with Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles.

Volume Chapter:


Fiscal Note/Fee Impact:

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Effective Date:

Takes effect upon being signed into law



Delaware Dad tells DSEA President like it is re: Zero Tolerance

Out of Tragedy Must Come Collective Action February 19, 2018 / DSEA President’s  Corner

Draconian penalties for students who make terrible mistakes – such as bringing a weapon to school without harming anyone – are a bulwark of structural racism and the main driver of the school-to-prison pipeline.

Affluent white parents simply send their children to private schools or move to a new district if their children make this dangerous, but historically common mistake. Poor black parents have their children’s education opportunities drastically reduced or cut off, and those children end up being harmed for a lifetime. Many of them end up in prison or in a life of crime, which could have been avoided by more humane treatment of mistakes which cost no lives.

This is the reality of our time. Advocating for ever harsher punishments for children in the name of reducing crime and suffering will inevitably create more criminals, more suffering. It is a simple fact that children do not make decisions based on comprehensive understanding of laws and consequences, and will make mistakes. As long as we pursue “zero tolerance” and economic and social factors give affluent white kids the ability to avoid consequences the poor cannot escape, we create more prisoners, more criminals, more suffering, and that process will primarily harm children of color.

Zero tolerance makes zero sense when applied to children. Mistakes that cost no lives are fundamentally not a problem that should be addressed by draconian, racist, counterproductive punishments.

I agree 100% with Delaware Dad! And not keeping a grip on the causes of the latest crisis in Florida is counter productive. In Florida we had a mental health services and FBI breakdown.  Treating every student behavior infraction as a potential risk of deadly violence demonstrates public schools don’t have the right tools to be a partner in addressing mental health needs of students. As for minority students, we have an epidemic of death and destruction on the streets of America and Delaware. Gun violence on the street is out of control and often the victim is young black males. Sadly it takes events such as in Florida where a massive deaths take place we rally together. But rest assure, far more black young men and girls are killed on the streets of America each year. Perhaps minority teachers, staff and students walkout of school in protest. Hopefully students can make “their” voices heard without manipulation of the extreme political left who attack the president and see no wrong in children in social media calling the president an MF’er. 

Zero tolerance for deadly weapons in schools are one thing. But schools going on the offensive and deeming every negative word or actions of a student as potential life threatening raises concerns about our schools ability to effectively make real change in overall school safety as it related to these terrible incidents.