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Colonial local taxpayers did not vote on using referendum monies to bailout DAPSS.


Colonial School District on dangerous path re: take-over of DAPSS Posted on 


DAPSS charter school was founded like all charter schools on the basis traditional public schools are substandard and failing.  DAPSS has some questionable financial dealing which ass is in the details of the tax filings. DAPSS has been failing on many points and less and less students choose to enroll at DAPSS. The Delaware Department of Education is poised to end the failing charter school. Colonial steps in and now wants to tell DEDOE they can save DAPSS and for DEDOE to transfer charter oversight to Colonial. In my opinion it will cost every bit on 2 million dollars of local Colonial taxpayers money to keep DAPSS afloat. 

There is no indication Colonial will demand changing of the guard as far a new board of directors of DAPSS not even those board member who failed to get board training prescribed by state law.

What about impact on Colonial students and teachers ? Don’t you think they need the support of monies and loss of productivity of Colonial administrators associated with rebuilding DAPSS?

Folks its one thing for a traditional school district to approval a new charter school applicant but another to bail out an existing  failing charter school.

As for Colonial, this fool’s journey will come back to bite them in the ass during the next referendum attempt.  Those Colonial board member who voted for this DAPSS bailout are a disservice to the taxpayers who stepped up during the last referendum and to their at-risk students and hard-working teachers.