President Trumps economic success a windfall for Delaware state budget


Delaware’s projected budget surplus grows ever so slightly , The News Journal

Carney last year proposed a budget plan that he touted as a new path forward. His spending proposal relied on a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts, such as a hike in the state income tax coupled with a 4.5-percent reduction in each state agency’s discretionary budget.

Snap ! My bad ! Wasn’t Trump ! It was Governor Carney with the help of his band of taxing democratic bedfellows forcing citizens to fill-in the money gap Governor Markell caused.   But for sure, the expansion of the nation’s economy as a result of President Trump’s rolling back President Obama’s wrongheaded business hurting executive orders will yield Delaware legitimate cash. In comes Mike Matthew with hat in hand for $$$$ to fund after school Lego Clubs :). 


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