Rep Baumdick & Sen Suckola tells CSD Board Member John Young; Kiss Gov Carney’s Ass or We’ll Remove You!

Draft bill outlines way to unseat Delaware school board members Jessica Bies, The News Journal

Legislation circulating among lawmakers this week would allow an appointed board to remove Delaware school board members from office for perceived misconduct, incompetency or willful neglect of duty. 

The bill hasn’t been filed yet but is already causing a stir, with some accusing the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Paul Baumbach and Sen. Dave Sokola, of trying to oust school board members unwilling to side with Gov. John Carney on education policy and reform.

Folks this proposed legislation is about removing local public elected school board members from office who verbally oppose legislation supporting Governor Carney’s vision and goals for public education and no doubt Christina School Board member John Young is outspoken against many Rodel laced education reform proposals. 

Rep Baumbach and Sen Sokola is proposing legislation the undermines the voice of local voters who has the collective power to force out any local school board member(s), Public local school board members are public elected officials just like Baumbach and Sokola. I wonder! Should local elected school board members have power to remove other elected officials within their school district who opposes the will of local parents?

I am not surprised Sen. Sokola supports this legislation because he has been walking on his knees for the likes of former Gov. Markell and now current Governor Carney. But I am surprised the Rep Baumbach takes the lead on this legislation. Turns out Baumbach is just another guy who wanted to be elected to support the people. Paul infringing out local control isn’t what you were elected for. 

As far as John Young! John Young has more courage than any board member I’ve seen in my over 20 years of engagement in public education issues. John is not afraid to speak his mind on many wrongheaded education reform attempts coming from Dover. Don’t surrender John! Without board members who speak up parents don’t have a voice and children are victims of politically and corporate laced education reforms. Control and decisions whats best for children must be done at the local level and by decision-makers whose children are the most impacted. We cannot allow Baumbach and Sokola communist laced legislation to infect our local schools. Hitler’s and his ideology is dead and we need to keep it that way. If Baumback and Sokola wants to run this agenda they need to come out of the democratic party and put their arm bands on for all to see.


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