Gov John Carney goes Trump on Christina School District! Parents are stupid I know what’s best for their children!

Parents weigh in on Wilmington schools plan, potential consolidation , The News Journal

At a Wednesday public meeting to discuss a partnership between Gov. John Carney’s office and the Christina School District, parents said they didn’t understand why the state would want to crowd some of the Delaware’s most troubled students into two buildings.

Governor Carney doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what “parents” think is best for their children! 

Teachers and parents weren’t sure consolidating schools would really fix the problems that plague Christina, however, and were afraid it would lead to larger class sizes

Larger class sizes in high poverty schools only equals larger failures !

Debro Abdul-Akbar worried if the school nearest to him closed he would no longer be able to walk over and pick his grandchildren up. 

Earth to John Carney ! By changing feeder-patterns counterproductive to Christina’s DEDOE approved “required by law” Neighborhood School Plan is ILLEGALLY! YOU CANNOT PROCEED WITH YOUR PLAN! Christina’s Neighborhood School Plan has to be reviewed and a new one has to be approved! That process required the same process of approving the original plan!    


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