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Trojan Horse TFA infiltrates Delaware’s school principal training program

Free alternative program trains principals to serve in high-needs schools , The News Journal

Organizers say an innovative program that trains its participants to serve as principals in high-needs schools could help Delaware educators deal with the effects of poverty and trauma.

The program, called Lead for Delaware, works with educators who are well-suited to serving at-risk students. Launched in fall 2015, its first cohort graduated in September. 

Though run by Teach for America, Lead for Delaware takes candidates from all backgrounds and requires only that they have a master’s degree and three years of full-time, highly effective teaching experience. 

“Our ideal candidate has deep ties to Delaware in some way,” said Angela Harvey-Bowen, senior managing director for school leadership at Teach for America Delaware. “We really want our leaders to see their role as part community organizer and part instructional leader.” 

Drink the Kool-aid suckers ! Pretty much TFA is saying Delaware education leadership program is sub-par! Program requirements, ” three years of full-time, highly effective teaching experience’?   BASED ON WHAT ? TEST SCORES? Three years experience !!!! Hello!!!!!! Our former Delaware Secretary of Education only had three years teaching experience and look at that disaster! In my opinion, no one should be consider for principal unless they have 10 years of continuous teaching experience and a minimum three years assistant principal experience.       

Folks TFA’s little deal for TFA teachers with Delaware allowed them to not share with the public their TFA teacher meltdowns!