Rep Melanie George Smith needs to step-down!

State Rep. Melanie George Smith addresses residency questions , The News Journal

Smith on Thursday confirmed that her family resides in the Newark-area home. But she insisted that she does not live there – at least most of the time.

“I live in a home in my district,” she said.

So she abandon her kids ???

Four days before selling her house in Bear, the 44-year-old officially changed her address to a townhouse on South Tribbit Avenue, according to the Delaware Department of Elections.

That three-bedroom home in the Stone Mill neighborhood is located less than a half mile from her old home in Bear. The property is owned by Anthony F. Pennella, Smith’s campaign treasurer since at least 2013.

The townhouse is not licensed as a rental property, according to New Castle County officials. Pennella, a registered Republican, also lists the townhouse as his permanent address on state voter rolls.

Pennella on Thursday insisted Smith lives in the townhouse but declined to comment further.

“I don’t need to get into all that with you,” he said. “It’s none of your business.

Holy SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes it sound like some kind of an affair !!

Contacted later, Smith produced a rental agreement for a room at Pennella’s  townhouse. The agreement requires Smith to pay $500 per month and runs through Sept. 6, 2018

$500,00 a month ????????? Sounds like some kind of sweetheart deal ! Is she renting under section 8? 

Collusion with Republicans ????


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