Wake up Delaware Governor John Carney!

Trying to undo former Governor Jack Markell’s rape of Delaware public education without calling him out on the carpet is cowardly. 

Governor  Carney its time to end the specific interest charter school admission preferences. And you know what! It time to end all charter and magnet school admission preferences. Let charter school doors swing like traditional schools.

The time has come to fund traditional and charter school like votech schools, via of state legislators setting the local property tax rate. Perhaps this might end the political obstructionist.  

As far as the condition of education in Wilmington Delaware, the failures are directly associated with a Choice school system designed to appease whites and was initially driven  by the white status quo who wanted an end to force-busing. Nothing has been done to address the needs of poor Wilmington minorities re: the Choice transportation divide.

The Choice transportation divide is a Choice school process that provides no assistance to those parents without adequate personal transportation. Delaware’s current Choice school law requires parents to drive the children to a bus-stop within the Choice school or directly to the Choice school. Wilmington’s poor are forced to send  their children to the failing city schools! Don’t come at me teach! No one is blaming teachers for the failures in the city schools.

There is no traditional public high school in the city limits of Wilmington Delaware  and in Red Clay Consolidated School District  case, there is no traditional middle school is the city. When confronted about this the usual reply is, we don’t want to create the appearance of  segregated schools. Well hello McFly!! What about the Red Clay’s city elementary schools? Yea yea yea ! That where city parents choice their children. So all is well in Red Clay with de facto segregation and de facto failing schools.

Obviously it will be a cold day in hell when democratic control legislative hall will support a bill requiring legislators to fund all schools like votechs. What to do in the meant time?

In mean-time and to improve the lives of our at-risk Wilmington’s children we need changes in the Choice school and charter school cited earlier. Change in Choice school laws needs to be as followed; preferential Choice transportation for Wilmington’s children! Meaning Choice school buses come to the city and bus-stops in reasonable distance to students. Wilmington students get guaranteed first choice in suburban schools. Meaning before any student in suburban schools who choice to other schools within the suburbs and this will apply to their siblings. However, this plan would drive the sheets from out under the bed of a few suburban parents.

I could rant on and on however, the new found love for Wilmington’s poor students by our governor is nothing more than the same old same old. Then there are the righteous city brothers who proclaim they are civil rights leaders.

Yea ,yea Ted I remember the lesson, we need to build up not tear down! However, those proclaiming to be civil rights leaders need to spend less time breaking break with the white status quo who is at the driver seat of school reform. I continue to ask, why is it a bunch of rich white million and billionaire men dictating education reform for poor black children? The there are some Toms in the middle!

I love these so-called town hall education meetings where all questions must be written down and turned in to the facilitator of the meeting who in-turn cherry picks which questions or concern that they’ll reply to or ask for group engagement. We’ve allow the Rodel’s of the world to condition parents how to participate in these event to control the naysayers.

Governor Carney, if you care about the lives and social-well-being of the city of Wilmington’s children perhaps you help address the need for more boots on the grounds in fighting gun violence in Wilmington. As far as education!!!!! Clean house and distance yourself from Rodel and their satellites clones like the queen of charter schools! Parents and children are our guest! OMG bite me!

As for Wilmington parents! How long is long enough? You need to end the VT dumping ground in Wilmington schools. There are teachers not meeting goals in their suburban schools, in conflict with school administrators and some not suited for public education but their is no where for them to go. High needs schools need high performing seasoned teachers. Title 1 teachers are federally funded. The need to be taken out of the state funded unit count. You should have extra Reading teachers! And federal Title 1 funding should not be used for paying teachers to monitor recess and lunch. There are many sad events going on in America that question civil rights. However, if you can question civil rights in your child’s school! Turn of the TV! Stop the bitching and start pitching! You waste not time to snatch you child up up the street to avid getting killed by a speeding car but stand-by while those controlling public education kill your child’s chances for a quality education that doesn’t support social promotion. Your response to Governor Carney is, Walk the talk! Where’s the needed additional teachers in our city schools and why do you support funding for charter schools that exclude  at-risk children with specific interest test. 

To the Red Clay School District Board Members; as you address diversify in the district please take a hard look at district administration. When children and parents look up it would be nice to seen someone looking like them. Someone who came up the ranks in Red Clay not imported from outside. Relax rookie, go with the flow and don’t take any of this person and for God sake stop listening to the chef. And to princess! You are amazing! And to T , ( not you 1T) keep is spirit alive ! Find a way to sit at the table.

Johnny don’t go Jack on us!    


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