Here we go again on gun reform! Democrats try to capitalize on death!

We are all sadden by the horrendous act of one man in Las Vegas but democrats act like ambulance chasing lawyers. Yes we need a serious bipartisan conversation on automatic and semi-automatic guns. No I am not cold-hearted and yes I have concerned about these kinds of weapons! However, I take no comfort in allowing democrats to rewrite gun laws. What will happen is all those suffering from PTS and PMS will end up on a list of those prohibited from owning guns.

As far as automatic and semi-automatic weapons make that the topic of gun control legislation and keep it transparent. It a straight or question of yes or no and permits.

Lets say we ban ownership of all automatic and semi-automatic weapons! Do you honestly think the bad guys won’t have access to these weapons? 

Americans have constitutional rights to bear arms and when grandstanding politicians want to have it their way we must be concerned. 

Yes we need a serious transparent conversation about these issues. Saying fuck the constitution rights of  the non criminals in America is unjust and to suggest those suffering from PTS and PMS could be a threat and question their rights to bear arm is also unjust.

OMG Trump didn’t say gun control! Watch hold the democrats spin this.   


One response to “Here we go again on gun reform! Democrats try to capitalize on death!

  1. Steven Fackenthall

    There are sensible reforms that the majority of Americans agree with. We should start with that. No, not all laws will stop all tragedies, but is that a reason we do nothing? Drunk drivers still get behind the wheels of cars. Democrats really do a shitty job of describing EXACTLY the legislation they’d like to enact, but Republicans automatically go to, “they want to take my hand gun and hunting rifle”. We can’t continue to just “pray” whenever this happens.