Daily Archives: September 30, 2017

10,000 shipping containers stuck in port in Puerto Rico! Relief is there but truck drivers are needed and roads need to be cleared !


OMG CNN fueling the hate!

I get it ! President Trump has his head up his ass and quick with the mouth. BUT CNN is is fueling the the hate by baiting people. CNN isn’t reporting the news! They are creating it! 

The CNN reporter in Puerto Rico stokes the flames of Trump hate!

We all need to focus on getting help to the good people (our brothers and sisters) help and start the long task of rebuilding. 

Honest President Trump should cancel his trip to Puerto Rico and make damn sure aid to Puerto Rico get ramp-up! If he goes we’ll see more of this political CNN hate toward President Trump. 

Save the political shit for election time!  As for the Mayor of San Juan! She stepped across the line for going for Trump’s throat!  

Such a sad time in America! Fuck CNN !