M Ryder calls-out JY and Mr DSEA

Kilroy, I know you don’t live up here any more but when it is a big education story that needs discussion, you owe it to your loyal readers to bring it to their attention. They still do follow your stories.





JY’s comment from facebook about the headline being crap is stereotypical of an addict who doesn’t want to admit they have a problem. The very first step in recovery is ADMITTING you have a problem. JY can’t complete the first step so it stands to reason he can’t begin recovery. Not surprising but par for the course.

Christina is not a district, it is a redistribution network. That’s why it doesn’t work. Christina Wilmington does not have the same problems that Christina Newark does. Exporting behaviors (good or bad) from one location to another will not solve problems. Good kids don’t make bad kids better but bad kids can make average kids bad.

Whatever JY wants to say in defense of the district is inconsequential to a 3%~8% pass rate on minimum competency tests. Gregg and the rest of the district should be pulling the alarm bells and demanding the state step in and / or handing out pink slips. If children can’t pass the minimum, then why are they being promoted to the next grade. No teacher in any school should have to accept a student who can’t pass the minimum competency of the previous grade. Where’s Mr DSEA president to demand that his members not be put in completely untenable situations. Make that a part of teachers’ contract. 

 M Ryder 


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  1. M Ryder is sad. My concerns over the headline writing and the complete pablum passed off as an enlightened editorial in no way mean or suggest I think we are problem-free. The frame and solution are just not the same between me and M Ryder so M Ryder get to accuse me of being and “addict” with a “problem”?

    You’re better than to give such a privatizing, test-score baiting, bring more charters to solve our problems miscreant such a headline on your blog. Or at least I would have thought so…complete lies given credence. I’m disappointed.


  2. I really don’t feel like taking the bait here. All I will say is NEA and DSEA support working with all students. Is M. Ryder actually stating that we, as a union, should be advocating to get rid of kids who can’t perform? That teachers shouldn’t be working with students who may have significant disabilities who may not be able to complete a competency assessment?

    I’m confused. Please tell me you were joking here. It is not in our members’ interests to see low-performing students exited from the public school system. We are merely demanding to be provided the resources to meet the needs of all students.

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  3. Seriously. This is the final phase of the demise of the traditional public school above the canal. Phase 1 was deseg. Phase 2 was charters/votech, not choice. Kids still stayed in the system under choice. Look at Red Clay. three thriving charters (DMA, Conrad, Cab/Wilm. Charter), three dying traditionals (McKean, Dickinson, A.I.). Christiana’s are all collapsing and cheerleading isn’t gonna fix it.
    The issue isn’t throwing out the kids who won’t, it’s keep the kids who do… just sayin


  4. JY, I am sad. Sad that you cannot see the forest for the trees. I no more accused you of being an addict than the man in the moon. It is an analogy and if it has to be explained then therein lies part of the problem. You expressed that the headline “Christina embarks on massive turnaround to help Wilmington students” was: “As usual, crap headline writing”. Which infers you disagree with the headline. Well, Christina IS embarking on a turnaround plan. I myself, would agree it is a poor headline because it is not only about ‘Wilmington students’. The story of the district needing a turnaround however, is NOT ‘crap’. The district does need it and you are a part that needs changes. You’ve focused on the wrong things, dismissed the needed changes, and opposed a majority of the residents. You’ve attached yourself to representatives and mouthpieces that run contrary to the majority of residents’ interests and then you wonder why Christina is where it is? No doubt, the state, former gov, and three pathetic ex super’s haven’t helped but come on man, smell the coffee. Christina needs top to bottom restructuring. Stop your blathering about charters. I don’t claim they’re the answer but basic competency tests do in fact measure ‘competency’. So do you believe Christina is setting the world on fire with its students? Whose lies are you promoting? It is the district residents who are profoundly ‘disappointed’ in you and CSD. Again, unwillingness to recognize you have a problem prevents you from ‘recovering’.

    MM, where to start?? You represent the teachers’ union. Teachers on the front line of this education train, need jobs and Christina is demonstrating a 3~8% pass rate in some schools. Are those teachers incompetent? I don’t think so. Are those teachers being given students who cannot do the work? Yes they are. Does this reflect badly on the district and those teachers? Yes it does. Should teachers be demanding that the students that enter their classroom, are ready for the grade? Yes they should, so that their integrity and competence is not questioned. Make it the state and administration’s problem to pathetically excuses the 30%, or lower pass rates. Maybe then residents will stop voting for incompetents. This isn’t about special needs (i.e.: learning disabled) kids. Unless you want to make the case that the majority of kids in Wilmington are learning disabled, a 3~8% pass rate is inexcusable. A 30% pass rate is just as inexcusable and it points back to making teachers look like they aren’t doing their job. So what is it? Teachers not doing their job OR students unprepared for the grade they’re in? Don’t blame the test, you know a 3~8 % pass rate is not because the test is bad. The students don’t know the material and they should.

    Am I advocating getting rid of students who can’t perform- ABSOLUTELY NOT. HOWEVER, they should not be passed and pushed to the next grade if they do not know the material. Make them repeat the grade, make them go to summer school, make them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to proceed to the next level. I bet you’re response here would be classrooms of 5 students and 2~3 paras per classroom. Not going to happen. If the students willfully refuse to apply themselves, then they are choosing their own path. The teachers union should be making it clear, these pass rates are the result of PC and political decisions, not educational good practices.

    There are NO (REPEAT “NO”) such resources available that will make unwilling students apply themselves. It is not the Ipad/ laptop that makes a student learn. It is not the laundering of their clothes that makes them learn. It is not the crisis counselor that will make them learn. Your repeated claim that it’s ‘resources’ that would make the difference is hogwash. Do I really need to list all the other districts where your theory has been applied and failed? It is YOUR ‘joke’ that if only there more X, Y, Z, resources then the public school system would be great. It’s a joke. No amount of ‘money’ will correct the problem. It isn’t a financial problem. It really isn’t even a school problem. It is a social/ economic problem unsolvable by education and the teachers’ union is allowing itself to be made to look bad. Instead, why don’t you establish the circumstances that will allow your members to perform what they were trained to do, teach. Every student, ready for grade level work is a start. Then your members will be able to ‘teach’ instead of back pedal into material from previous years. The residents are the ones that are ‘confused’. They want their schools to ‘educate’ and what they’re getting is 3~8% pass rate?? Really? You’re really going to blame the test for that number? A test that is supposed to measure basic MINIMUM competency? Would you hire a lawyer who can’t pass the BAR? Would you hire a pilot who can’t pass the pilot test? Should a 3rd grade teacher accept a student who can’t pass 2nd grade work?


  5. MM: “We are merely demanding to be provided the resources to meet the needs of all students.”

    I’ll take your bait Mike.:
    So what ‘resources’ will ‘meet’ the needs of ALL students? Quantify it Mike! How many teachers are needed in your opinion? How much money will be needed, in your opinion? 2X what they currently are getting? 3X? Can residents afford what you believe will meet the need? Do you want PA or NJ tax levels? Can Delawareans afford that? Would you personally guarantee that that level of funding would ‘fix’ the plethora of demands and the low pass rates. Will you and every other teacher along with the legislators personally guarantee that your scheme will satisfy every contingency? What should happen if it doesn’t? Will you pay the residents back? Will you be willing to go to jail for false testimony and false representation if your recommendations are passed and the results are not forthcoming (in other words commit fraud on the taxpayer like Obamacare)? What mechanism could be put in place to insure failure doesn’t occur? Who establishes what is failure? If there is a 70-80% pass rate I’d say your good. If you only get a 50-60% pass rate is that acceptable after spending millions on a scheme you say is ‘meeting’ the need?

    Time to put YOUR money where your mouth is. What percentage of you and your fellow Delawarean’s income are you willing to offer up to get where you think it needs to be? 35% of your income? 45% of your income? Until you quantify what you think will get us there, and guarantee it will work, you need to do the things that you can do, with the resources you have. Are your members willing to guarantee that if the State and residents ponied up a lot more money, that substantial quantifiable results could be had? Would you agree to testable and quantifiable criteria, or would it be based on some soft fluffy criteria that every child ‘grows’ to be there best?
    Stop accepting social reconstruction and financial redistribution efforts as a goal of education. That is not education’s purpose and it is not JY’s or your role to rig the scales for those who you believe are more deserving (needy). Your role as Educators and district representatives is to provide a service: EDUCATION and it’s management. What grade would you give yourselves when a large portion of our public schools are not even at a 50% pass rate? Go ahead blame the test but you better know that if the test is the issue, we’ve had 3 different tests in 5-10 years and the results are roughly the same. ADDITIONALLY, THE SCHOOLS DOING POORLY VS. THE SCHOOLS DOING WELL HAVE REMAINED THE SAME AND AT THE SAME RATE. It isn’t the test. The kids don’t know the material and that is the educational system’s problem.