Does Red Clay really want law enforcement to curtails surveillance and frisks near school bus stops?

Red Clay Board of Education Resolution:
Safe and Inclusive Schools for All Students
September 2017

WHEREAS, federal immigration law enforcement activities and stop and frisk practices on or around district property and transportation routes, whether by surveillance, interview, demand for information, arrest, detention, or any other means, have the potential to harmfully disrupt the learning environment for all students, regardless of immigration status, race, religion, social class, or sexual orientation;

Are you f’ing kidding me !!!!!!!!!! So what does Red Clay want! A no touch 1000 feet zone! Red Clay doesn’t want law enforcement to stop suspicious persons ? Red Clay doesn’t want law enforcement to set up surveillance within 1000 ft of a school bus stop?  Yea I know over the top Kilroy!

Red Clay is doing a political dance  aimed at undermining the President of The United States. I agree no search without a warrant! Thanks is what it comes down to. Red Clay is grandstanding.

Dangerous path Red Clay is taking! And from a district leadership who kissed Jack Markell’s ass re: Race to The Top! I guess Red Clay can pick and choose who caused emotional damaged to children.




3 responses to “Does Red Clay really want law enforcement to curtails surveillance and frisks near school bus stops?

  1. They can do all that stuff, just not on school grounds. Right to public education is federally protected.


  2. Kilroy, I know you don’t live up here any more but when it is a big education story that needs discussion, you owe it to your loyal readers to bring it to their attention. They still do follow your stories.
    JY’s comment from facebook about the headline being crap is stereotypical of an addict who doesn’t want to admit they have a problem. The very first step in recovery is ADMITTING you have a problem. JY can’t complete the first step so it stands to reason he can’t begin recovery. Not surprising but par for the course.
    Christina is not a district, it is a redistribution network. That’s why it doesn’t work. Christina Wilmington does not have the same problems that Christina Newark does. Exporting behaviors (good or bad) from one location to another will not solve problems. Good kids don’t make bad kids better but bad kids can make average kids bad.
    Whatever JY wants to say in defense of the district is inconsequential to a 3%~8% pass rate on minimum competency tests. Gregg and the rest of the district should be pulling the alarm bells and demanding the state step in and / or handing out pink slips. If children can’t pass the minimum, then why are they being promoted to the next grade. No teacher in any school should have to accept a student who can’t pass the minimum competency of the previous grade. Where’s Mr DSEA president to demand that his members not be put in completely untenable situations. Make that a part of teachers’ contract.


  3. State takeover as a solution? Zero credibility.