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Delaware legislators refuse to fund all public schools the same! @dedeptofed @destateboarded @johncarneyde @

On the table of possible school funding reform is reassessment of all property! Sure sounds like a possible solutions to address education funding shortfalls. However, why is there funding shortfalls?

Another possibility is school district consolidation. But the gains in savings is a drop in the bucket and a short-term fix.

Organized labor within public education would love to see property reassessment. Sure their own property taxes would go up! Part of share to pain I guess! But dare ask for more contributions from employees toward healthcare cost. The impact of property reassessment would cause hardship on seniors, struggling middle-class and small business. And don’t for get those renting do pay school taxes factored in the rent.  

Before we make any radical moves we must ask hold did we get into such a position? Damn right I am going to blame former Governor Jack Markell! Damn right I am going to blame many Democrat elected offices that were is lapdogs. Makell’s obsession to build a world class public school system pissed away millions of dollars. Then there is his mismanaging of Delaware economy which is still relatively stagnate! Delaware’s middle class is still shrinking and Delaware homes are going into foreclosure higher than national average.

Do we do noting? No!! However, we need to hold our state legislator more accountable and requiring them to fund traditional public school and charter schools  the same a votech schools would fit the bill. In case you didn’t know, Delaware votech local share taxes is set by the legislators. Take a look at you country tax bill and you’ll see a separate line for votechs  and local school districts. When was the last time you saw a tax referendum for votech schools? Never! Our state legislators don’t want more burden by setting local taxes for all public schools.  Get this, they claim they don’t want to infringe on local control! If they took on this responsibility they would think twice about getting in bed with the like of Jack Markell and Rodel. Reassessment of property doesn’t end the political football with education funding.  We need radical change as follows:

1. fund all traditional public schools the same way as votechs

2. Make the Delaware Secretary of Education an elected official rather appointed  by the governor, Currently the Delaware Secretary of Education is nothing more than the extension of the governor arm. Much of the problems with Delaware public schools system is rooting in intrusion of self-serving governors.   

3. Yes ! Increase gasoline tax by 5 cents and those funds goes towards supplement funding high needs schools.  

4. Purge those legislators who supported Governor Markell’s education agenda. Wait ! Make this number

5. Purge Rodel of the education ! They were Jack Makell puppet master!

We need radical changes how we fund our public schools but can’t move forward until our state legislators step up to the plate and realize their failures and accept responsibility that can only be achieve by funding all public schools and charters the same way as they do with votech schools.


Rep Kowalko on his soapbox bitch-slapping


If you’re still upset about Hillary Clinton’s $600,000 price tag for delivering inspiring speeches to Corporate American entities than consider the following in the matter of Delaware taxpayer giveaways and job creation: 

By my calculations JP Morgan can afford 16.6 Hillary speeches paid by Delaware taxpayer money alone. DuPont/Dow can buy about 20 H. C. inspirational talks. Sallie Mae can afford about 6 sessions. The list goes on and on. So if you’re looking for job and business creation from the Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate extortion/welfare extraction of taxpayer money (eagerly and equally supported by Republican and Democrat politicians alike) look no further than the opportunity for a newly created Clinton venture. Godamighty can you imagine all the hall-rental, catering and logistics support jobs that will be created if those motivational/inane speeches are scheduled for Delaware. Maybe that’s the criteria that the Governor can insist that his newly created (albeit extremely secretive) public/private job development include as a prerequisite for filling those greedy little corporate mitts with your money. Happy days are here again. Step right up to the (“$$$ buffet”) trough Chamber and friends. Your waitstaff for the evening will be a bi-partisan group of dedicated (to their reelection?) legislators and your meal will be creatively crafted by the improved and freshly funded son of DEDO. Sponsors of the event include the 5,000 seniors and poor who have gladly donated their pharmaceutical assistance money to help fund the activities, the local public school districts, teachers and students who are contributing an additional $36 million of their expected revenue this year and those poor wretches on General Assistance (cash money) who have historically received nearly $3 dollars per day until that item was removed from the budget. We could go on and on here crediting the 300,000 Delmarva ratepayers who are generous enough to pay $15 million per year to subsidize private businesses such as Bloom. Next year those ratepayers may take heart in the fact that they will be able to each contribute an additional $120 per year when DP&L (re-birthed as EXELON) receive its recently applied for Gas and Electric infrastructure increases. No need to conclude with the standard politically ingratiating “God Bless America” he apparently already has blessed (Corporate) America and that blessing should trickle down any time now.

Representative John Kowalko