News Journal paints Newport Delaware as a crime-ridden town

All Delaware police agencies submit crime reports to the state. The state provides The News Journal with weekly updates, excluding reports of rape to protect victims’ privacy. Each crime’s location is mapped on a statewide system of zones, which The News Journal has simplified for this publication. Each entry shows the date of the crime and the type of crime. The number in parenthesis is the number of such crimes reported on that date in the zone; they may or may not be part of the same incident. Each crime is reported separately. A mugging would be listed as a robbery and an assault. An assault on two victims would be listed as two assaults; an assault on one victim by two assailants would be listed as only one assault.

4. New Castle/Newport
aggravated assault (1)
assault (8)
burglary (5)
criminal mischief (20)
disorderly conduct (5)
domestic (12)
drugs (12)
forgery (1)
fraud (1)
local fugitive (22)
local statute (15)
obstruction of justice – courts (1)
obstruction of justice – police (3)
prostitution (1)
recovered property (6)
stolen property (1)
theft (68)
traffic (6)
trespassing (8)
vehicle theft (3)

Newport is a stand alone town with its own police department and is part of New Castle County but by no means is consider “New Castle”. Where did the News Journal place Elsmere Delaware in the News Journal’s “simplified publication”? Newark is in New Castle County also. However, the News Journal has Newark standing alone in the report.  

The News Journal’s “simplified publication” is unfairly damaging the Town of Newport. There is a Red Clay school (Richey) in Newport and inaccurate crime reports like the News Journal’s many have an impact on parents choosing Richey fearing its in a high crime area.


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