Will Bill Dunn run for Red Clay vacant school board seat?

Red Clay school board president resigns mid-term , The News Journal

Red Clay Board of Education President Michael Piccio resigned this week, announcing that he would be moving out of the Wilmington-area and Delaware.

I curious as to why his announcement cam after August 16th board meeting? Word has it Merv knew before other school board members.

Piccio, reached by phone Thursday, said he left the board because he is no longer a resident of the district. He and his youngest son recently relocated to Cape May County, New Jersey, while his wife and oldest son, a senior, will remain in the Wilmington-area until graduation. 

Looks like it was well known in advance of last board meeting .

You can bet your ass the powers to be are working their asses off looking for someone that shares their “vision” and the union may be doing the same.

We must remember school board members though they put the interest and needs of students first, they do have a responsibility to the taxpayers. After all they are “elected” officials.

Now on to Bill Dunn! Bill Dunn is a former Red Clay school board member and OMG he didn’t back-down from the domineering uni-brow board president.  Between Dunn and Pandora, Red Clay board meetings were quite entertaining. Dunn did his best to hold the obsessive board members to task. However, the old guard had their agenda. There are new financial pressures and uncertainly and we need board members who are objective and balanced! Who can fit that bill? Dunn? Do we worry about a district  or union installed puppet?   


2 responses to “Will Bill Dunn run for Red Clay vacant school board seat?

  1. Give us a little credit, Kilroy, instead of characterizing our folks as “union-installed puppets.” Folks we’ve supported over the years have been extremely diverse in thought. We support them but in no way demand that they take action as we would wish. You could ask any board member we’ve supported: our contacts with them once they’re in office are relatively limited.

    Now do you really want to talk about the days before Red Clay EA got involved in board elections? I don’t think many folks liked those days. When we had a Board that would barely give us the time of day.

    No puppetry here, my friend! 😉


    • kilroysdelaware

      Well I guess we can say the union isn’t as strong and influential as in the past. It struggles to get out the vote to elect its own leadership. I a, kind of pissed that the announcement came after the recent board meeting. “He and his youngest son recently relocated to Cape May County, New Jersey”. The board meeting was on 8/16 and surely the wheels were turning on the relocation. I get the feeling the timing of announcement seemed delayed for a purpose to benefit the “district” whereas they can get a jump on reaching out for a team-player board member that would go with the flow. No meaning that is bad because we have some wonderful board members in Red Clay. The question of the day is, did he tell his fellow board member in executive session 8/26 and they all agreed to sit on the news or did he tell Merv first. Yea yea yea did Oswald work alone! Integrity is everything for leadership of schools, school districts, school boards, teachers and labor leaders.

      So tell me ! If Bill Dunn were to run for the open seat knowing his Red Clay history and service would you feel organized labor support him?