Why is it necessary to publish future DUI checkpoints?

See where the Office of Highway Safety plans DUI checkpoints this weekend , The News Journal

The Delaware Office of Highway Safety will conduct five DUI checkpoints for the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

Those checkpoints will be located on:

  • Del. 7 in New Castle County  

  • Del. 72 in Newark 

  • U.S. 13 near Dover 

  • Del. 24 in Millsboro 

It makes no sense to pre-warn the public where DUI checkpoints will be! Then again why is it when a driver of a vehicle is stop at a DUI checkpoint aka roadblock passengers are questioned their ID are checked? Isn’t the purpose to check for drunk drivers?


One response to “Why is it necessary to publish future DUI checkpoints?

  1. Mike Broaddus

    Publishing locations of checkpoints is a deterrent for the general public, educating them police will be out in force. It will keep many from getting behind the wheel at all. The hard core drunks will drink and drive either way. Chances are they aren’t paying attention to the media or stay functionally drunk to the point where it is normal for them and they think they are sober.
    Experienced drunks (and their attorneys) have a strategy that if you are drinking and driving, stay off the main roads where the cops and checkpoints are likely to be. Experienced DUI officers sometimes are assigned to patrol those backroads for suspects that might try to evade the checkpoints. These officers look for the slightest probable cause to stop a car and have a chat with the driver. If they stop you, chances are once they clear you of possible DUI, you will get a warning for the infraction. The concept is certainly debatable, but DUI checkpoints have been around for many decades