Red Clay forms committee to address racial equity ! Well start will ending CSW discriminatory “Specific Interest” admission preference!

School Board Motion for Equity Committee and Policy
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Equity Committee would be committed to reviewing and changing the district
practices related to racial equity in education. Educational equity means raising the
achievement of all students while:
 Narrowing the gaps between the lowest and highest performing student; and
 Eliminating the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student
groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories.

How about preferential Choice transportation for out high poverty Wilmington children ? You can’t have Choice if you don’t have transportation!


2 responses to “Red Clay forms committee to address racial equity ! Well start will ending CSW discriminatory “Specific Interest” admission preference!

  1. Thump, thump, thump. Can you hear the drumbeat of the same justifications and same mantra we’ve had for 40 years? In that 40 year time, extraordinary efforts have been made to address the politically correct term; equity. Food, programs, and environmental changes. ‘Equity’ is not a solution for equal outcomes. There is no guarantee of equal outcomes. The kid that plays a sport from the time he/ she is a wee little kid will have an advantage over the kid who decides in 8th grade they want to be a professional (pick sport) player. The kid that views a sport as their ticket to success will put forth the effort but if that effort does not start until years AFTER other kids have put forth effort in, the late starter will have a distinct disadvantage. Educationally, scholastic efforts must be viewed, BY THE STUDENT, as a vehicle to success. If that view is never established or the opportunities are wasted for years, the student who put forth the effort early and for much longer will always have the advantage. It doesn’t matter what computers are provided, what ‘highly qualified’ teacher is provided, or where the building in located. IT DOES MATTER if the school or teacher is forced to tolerate behavior that prevents proper education to the willing. In other words, the environment can be conducive or it can be non-conducive to education. There is no magic or special sauce in understanding that all the choice options in the world will not help the uninterested or disengaged students. Forcing the engaged and interested students to ‘wait’ for the uninterested or disengaged, is a guarantee that academic success will be Slowed FOR ALL. Just like a sports team that is forced to play it’s third string. It might be ‘equitable’ to let every player play but that does not guarantee success or improvement. SO, what is the purpose of education? Offer opportunities and pathways to success OR is education’s purpose to balance the scales? Whose success is more important? The kid who has put the effort in all along the way, or the kid who has never taken a book home or studied for a test?


  2. Here’s an example of why people fight referendas: “Its all for the kids” “We will lose teachers” – so the brand spanking new electronic sign at Dickinson benefits the kids? Keeps teachers and paras in their positions? yes, i know capital v. operating budgets, but that sign im sure could have bought a whole bunch of new books or probably kept a needed para in a classroom.