At the end of the day; Our Delaware children of color remains undeserved and subjectively held in an emotional slave-state.

The sad events in Charlottesville continues to fuel the debate on racism in America. Yet we see laws in Delaware that keeps our minority children in chains.

We can’t change tomorrow if we don’t address the white lie of today.

The original call for reform of modern-day public education was rooted in closing the achievement gap between black and white children. Since the inception of ESEA 1965 the progress of closing the achievement gap has been dismal. Billions up billion of dollars have been spent to address “the achievement gap”.

Delaware in ability to “care” about the achievement gap led to the desegregation of Delaware schools. But desegregation didn’t address the achievement gap. Starting day-one of what some called force-busing in Delaware the influential racist that breeds in our state started a movement to tactfully circumvent the desegregation order via Choice School, Charter School And Magnet Schools.

The Choice School legislation is nothing more than a fell-good legislation. Former Delaware Governor Carper and Markell preaches Delaware students can choose their public schools. Yea if there are open seats! Then there is the lack of transportation afford our poor Wilmington children. Parents are required to drive the children to a bus-stop within the choice school or drive them directly to that school. Why hasn’t our legislators effectively address this issue!

The Magnet School legislation: See Choice school and magnet schools have an entrance test. Red Clay’s proclaims Conrad magnet school was a response to failure to meet objective of NLCB. As PTA President at the time, I attended DE DOE’s Quality Review. The findings of that meeting required Conrad to devise and implement a School Improvement Plan. I was part of that committee. The came the seeds to change the name of Conrad to remove the stigma of failed NCLB. At this point there was no mention of a magnet school for Conrad. Just a turnaround plan. I actually suggest the name Woodcrest Academy. The plan to return the high school component of Conrad  started day on of its closure. A promise was made and the promise delivered. However, if anything, the high school component school be the magnet school. Conrad has two magnet schools within, grades 6-8 and 9-12. Conrad’s 8th grade students must reapply to attend grades 9-12. And now we’re back to the same transportation concerns.

Charter schools: This is not an attack on charter schools but the seeds that were sown by some elitist within. The charter school legislation was crafted by those who wanted to create a charter school that caters to white affluent children and to keep out at-risk minority children. The charter school law allows filtering out at-risk student where the majority are minority children.

It comes down to this: All Delaware publicly funded K-12 schools should have admission doors that swing the same way for ALL children.

We cannot effectively address racism if we don’t address the social injustices within Delaware’s public schools.

We must engage the broad nationwide debates regarding race fueled by ugly events around the country. However, we need to demand the end to the racially motivate education laws of Delaware that harm our “society” and keeps Delaware an emotional slave-state. 


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