Weak-kneed Obama defers war with North Korea to President Trump

President Obama did nothing to stop North Korea’s long-rang nuclear ambitious and advancement of their long-range missiles.

Yea yea yea! Trump is going to get us into a war! Bullshit !! President Obama’s lack of leadership just kick the can down the road. 

An attack on Guam IS AN ATTACK ON AMERICA !


One response to “Weak-kneed Obama defers war with North Korea to President Trump

  1. Mike Broaddus

    FACT is, Slick Willie owns the fact that North Korea has nukes. Lots of US taxpayer $$$ was paid to them for their promise to play nice.

    Once again, the LIBTARDS screw up everything they touch. To think you can negotiate with a lying tin-horn dictator is insane….. unless Clinton got something in return….. like the campaign contributions he got from China in exchange for top secret fighter aircraft technology…….

    The other FACT is Trump is not a pussy president like Barrack Hussein Obama. Trump actually listens to his generals and typically does what they recommend.

    MAD DOG MATTES is someone the Pop’n Fresh Korean dictator can understand. You don’t negotiate with regimes like this. You explain that their actions will have dire consequences and they will weigh out their options.

    Remember after nuking Japan they still refused to surrender? They only did so after we dropped leaflets over Tokyo informing the people of their options. I say we do the same thing with North Korea and let his own military and people take Kim behind the woodshed before we have to turn them all into a stir fry.