Trump’s presidency paying off! Republicans and democrats forced to grow-up

My vote for Trump was a protest vote! For years and years politicians catered to special interest. The enact laws mandating all citizens have healthcare or be fined. The same healthcare they themselves refuse to participate in. The Washington politicians intrude on local control of public education and manipulate week governors like former Governor Jack Markell to be the Race to The Top agent. The Washington politicians raided Social Security and didn’t enact laws to pay it back.

For many voting for Trump that vote was a message that we’re sick and tied of the Washington D.C. BULLSHIT!  

President Obama pushed the healthcare debate to a reality of we have some sort of nationalized healthcare. But even he knew there would be modification needed in the future! Obamacare is pretty much another welfare program whereas, middle class America once again has to foot the bill as Washington expanded eligibility of free healthcare for those far above the poverty level, Washington refuses to promote real healthcare competition by allowing Americans to buy healthcare across state-lines. They feel states are better suited to regulated the healthcare industry. Don’t make sense to be bring that Obamacare is federally mandated to a point Americans will be fined if they don’t have it.

No doubt Trump is shaking things up in Washington D.C.. But the sliver lining is, he’s unmasked the D.C. republican who talked a good game about repealing Obamacare and when it was time to deliver they failed. They all talked a good game when Obama was in office. They knew their protest bills they introduced  while Obama wasn’t office would go nowhere! It was all a facade !

One thing for sure is, Delaware Senators Carper and Coons tip their hand by acknowledging Washington Republicans and Democrats need to unify to “fix” Obamacare. But there will be no true fix unless we have single-payer healthcare where all citizens including state and federal elected officials and state and federal workers participate. If they think its the best plan for Americans than it should best for those who enacted the law.

Trump has pushed the healthcare crisis to a point Washington politicians must work together. As for the democrats, doing nothing will allow Obamacare to implode in the way of higher premiums and more people dropping out because they can’t afford the premiums and sad to say many who pay-up will won’t be able to afford it due to extreme deductibles. By time the presidential election rolls around 2020 the democrats will have egg on the face as Obamacare going unaddressed will be another protest point of middle america.. Odds are Trump won’t win a second term but a dark-horse republican will fend-off Hillary Clinton or even Joe Biden. 

The reality is, the problems in America are rooted in Washington D,C. and many of us wanted someone to shake things up down in D.C.. So we sent an nut-job 🙂 He is doing exactly what many voters wanted! Radically shake things up!!     


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