Slower Delaware is amazing place to live

OMG !!!!! All the New Castle County jokes about lower Delaware aka slower Delaware is so wrong!

Folks the people in Sussex County Delaware are AMAZING! Here everyone greets each other with a wave or how are you doing! I swear my arm is about ready to fall off. When cutting grass people wave and I wave back! I live in one of those golf-cart communities and again, wave as we past each other. 

The roads in Sussex County are clean and well maintained. The respect for police and their respect for citizens takes us back to the good old days. Drivers down here are pretty good! However, I see a few PA drivers just pushing their way through traffic.

As for politics I went home to the Republican Party.  Nothing to do with Trump ! I look around in Delaware and do see a few good democrats who looked Jack Markell in the eye and pretty much told Jack to kiss their ass! However the others enabled Jack Markell and I don’t see me supporting them. As far as a 3rd party and my stay as a registered Libertarian. I feel the Libertarian Party is the most legitimate 3rd party. I can see myself supporting a worthy Libertarian. No doubt we need to end this two-party system.

The food in Sussex County !!!!!!!! OMG ! Amazing !

DMV on Sussex County (Georgetown)! Yep it was crowded last Wednesday night and OMG I had about 50  people ahead of me! But I sat and observed ! The DMV folks kept their composure and seemed to treat everyone with friendly service. Very upbeat people! Even the State Trooper standing guard pitched in with directing people to where they need to go! AND OMG !! The Kiosk for license renewal and change of address (in my case) was amazing! Took less than 10 minutes from completing information and going to get new license.  

Stay tuned !


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