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Wanxiang America Boxwood plant owes $2 million in school taxes and News Journal refuses to confront them

Two companies grow from Fisker’s ashes Karl Baker, The News Journal

Go ahead and read the useless News Journal article about “Two companies grow from Fisker’s ashes”. But it doesn’t mention the outstanding school taxes owes mostly to Red Clay and portion to votech.

Tax and Sewer Info for Parcel # 0704210055 Tax History as of 7/22/2017 3:00:04 AM School Balance Due:$2,006,532.57 Wanxiang America

The publicly elected school board member of Red Clay bury their heads in the sand or rather being held their by the superintendent who proclaims it’s out of the district’s hands as it’s county government issue. School board members are to represent the community interest when it comes to public education with actions supporting the needs of students. Like clockwork the board comes with hat in hand referendum time yet they allow the community to pick up $$$ slack for tax-deadbeats like Wanxiang America. 

Pin Ni, Who Turned $20,000 Into A $4 Billion Company, Discusses Chinese Investments In The U.S./ Forbes  “At a time when Chinese companies are investing more than ever in the U.S., Wanxiang America stands out. Few Chinese companies have been in the U.S. as long, over 20 years. Based in Elgin, Illinois, outside of Chicago, Wanxiang America was started in 1994 as the U.S. outpost of Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang Group.”

I guess one’s bottom-line would grow if they don’t pay their taxes all the while local school boards coward in the corner. 

‘Treat us as a family’, Chinese investors telling US By Wang Naishui in New York | China Daily USA | Updated: 2017-06-15 11:4 

Communist should never be treated like family !

Is it too much to ask the Red Clay school board to draft a letter respectfully asking Wanxiang to pay their school tax obligation.

Then there is the News Journal writing some lame-ass article pretty much white-washing how the taxpayers were hoodwinked into the Fisker-Markell deal.

Change does not happen on it’s own! Leaders make change happen! It’s one thing when someone is down on their luck and can’t pay their taxes. However, Wanxiang is turning profits and using revenues from unpaid profits for investments and profits for their investors. Investing in American shouldn’t mean fucking the local citizens.