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Imperial Wizard Carney puts blessing hands on NCS

Carney vetoes bill to expand Newark Charter’s preference zone but exclude Wilmington kids / NewsWorks

Gov. John Carney vetoed a bill Thursday that would remove the five-mile radius for enrollment preference at Delaware charter schools, arguing that it “unfairly excludes some of our most vulnerable” Wilmington students.

I’ve defended Governor Carney from getting bashed re: budget. Governor Markell left Governor Carney a pile of shit when it comes to state finances and economy. However, Governor Carney stepped out of that pile of shit and just laid the foundation for his own pile of shit. 

The only charter school admission preference that should be permissible is the applicant must live within the traditional school district that it is located in. Carney’s veto is a slap in the face of civil rights.

 “Educating our children is both a moral and an economic imperative, and the achievement gap in the state of Delaware is a problem that cannot be ignored,” Carney wrote in his veto letter. “At-risk students across our state, but especially in the city of Wilmington, are not getting the education that they deserve.”  

So support the NCS five-mile radius locking out city of Wilmington at-risk students gives them what they deserve? WTF

Sokola, a Democrat who represents the senatorial district in which Newark Charter is located, acknowledged in May during an interview with WHYY that he would not support the bill and it would likely not pass the Senate if it didn’t exclude Wilmington.

His main reasons, Sokola said then, was that it would cause “logistical challenges” in transportation and parental involvement because Newark Charter is about 16 miles from Wilmington.

So school Choice is for isn’t working unless the student attends a school within five-miles of his home? Damn Dave! Dave, weren’t you a founding board member of CSN. Remember when you use to sit on CSN’s board? So sad Dave! 

Three Democratic state representatives — Stephanie Bolden and Charles Potter of Wilmington and John Kowalko of Newark – along with state NAACP president Linwood Jackson protested in May that the bill is “discriminatory and unlawful” and sought a legal opinion from Attorney General Matt Denn.

“Discrimination is racial, whether it’s against minorities or poor kids,” Bolden said then in an interview.

Folks you are pissing in the wind! I support you but in Delaware, the white knights rules!