Who ordered the Code Red on Delaware teacher TELL Survey

Lack of responses raises questions about Delaware teacher survey , The News Journal Published 4:14 p.m  July 19, 2017 |

Though little data was collected from some of Delaware’s lowest-performing schools, officials say a 2017 survey of local teaching conditions still has valuable takeaways. 

Less than half of the state’s educators participated in the survey, results show. At some schools, like Bayard Middle School in Wilmington, only a few teachers responded.

So much for collaboration !

“Obviously, I’m a little concerned about the response rate,” said Mike Matthews, president of the Delaware State Education Association. “However, speaking as a teacher, it’s a time-of-year issue.” 

“And bluntly, putting this bluntly, I think many folks have survey exhaustion at the end of the year,” Matthews said. “For many people, it was probably just one more thing to do.” 

WTF just one more thing to do for the kids! The dog ate my fucking homework!

It’s also possible the response rate suffered because the survey was delayed. Originally scheduled for 2015, the State Board of Education and the Rodel Foundation raised concerns about several questions added to the survey shortly before it was to be released. 

Or was lack of participation a way of telling Rodel to kiss my ass?

You know, at the end of the day perhaps we need to ask students hard questions about “their” education and services provided. 


One response to “Who ordered the Code Red on Delaware teacher TELL Survey

  1. Mike Broaddus

    Many years ago I worked for the government and the consensus was, when employees fail to provide input after being solicited, it means they have given up, don’t care and don’t believe their voices or opinions mean anything to the administration.

    To wit, it is the failure of the administration when employees are just going through the motions to get a paycheck and harbor a defeatist mentality.

    Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP!