Jack Markell’s failure haunts Gov. Carney

How’s your governor doing? Carney’s approval rating drops in poll  Amy Cherry / Delaware 109.5 FM

The Democrat remains in positive territory at 52 percent in the Morning Consult’s poll of 50 states, but Carney’s net approval rating has dropped 19 points since he stepped into the governor’s office in January.  Carney’s approval rating actually only dropped by 9 points, but his disapproval ratings grew by 10 points.  Those figures combined represent a net 19-point change in his standings. 


The slip could be tied to painful budget decisions in Dover, where lawmakers missed their deadline for the first times in decades.

“That’s what a lot of governors are facing–there really aren’t a lot of good choices budget-wise,” said David Mark, executive editor of Morning Consult. “It’s a matter of making painful cuts, perhaps, having to raise taxes in some cases, not generally what governors particularly enjoy doing.”

Yea yea !!! Kilroy I thought you retired! But WTF ! I thought I left the Delaware blog-world in good hands!

The Delaware democrats are like dog kicking their hind-legs burying their own shit aka former Governor Jack Markell. But there reality is, they are painting Governor Carney with Markell shit!!

Former Governor Markell left office leaving Delaware worst off by driving Delaware budget in the hole and demolishing Delaware public education.  And he had help via the majority of Delaware democrat elected officials and even education leaders bending over letting him have his way re-engineering public education via Race to The Top!! Yea yea RTTT is all water under the bridge! Move on Kilroy! Bullshit!!!! Governor Carney is being nailed to the cross for the sins of Jack Markell and it’s ironic education leaders are holding the nails with democrat legislators hold the hammer.

How did the democrats address Markell’s $$$ rape of thek state? They raised taxes and even made it hard for first-time working-class homeowner via raising the property transfer tax. I lucked out because my house was under contact when increase was signed into law. It would have cost me over $2000.00 extra. The democrats made so hard for first-time buyers the buyers are asking the sellers for settlement help as in my case. I ended up pay 100% of the transfer tax and more! None of this had to be if it wasn’t for elected democrat legislator dropping to their knees for Jack Markell.

Markell left Delaware public schools in a pile of shit! But the cowards hide and want to blame Governor Carney. I agree public education should be priority-one. However, we have kids dying on the street via violence and drug-overdose. We have police understaffed and under-equipped. Our roads are the worst in the region. The quality of life in New Castle County is in the tubes! I am totally amazed how clean Sussex County is and how well maintained the roads are. Governor Carney critics offered no plan to present a balanced budget. To my education leaders, you reap what you sow. You went along to get along with Jack giving him the tools to drive his wrecking ball . He is the nworst govenor re: public education in Delaware’s histroy!

Shoulder to shoulder John Carney has more integerty and class than Jack Markell. Carney seems more willing to have people sit at the shared-decsion table. Whereas with Jack Markell it was all about kissing his ass!

As far as the Delaware Republicans, they continue to alienate those R’s that are in the center and right of center. But you know, for all the bitching about Republicans from the left and union leaders one must have to step-back and point out, democrats have been in control of Delaware for over 25 years and they must take responsibility for screwing up Delaware’s public schools and it was they who splintered public education by enacting laws creating charter schools underlined with discriminatory admission practices!  But they were the suckers (Carper) at the charter school star chamber lead by hardcore Delaware republicans.

John Carney should be given a medal for willing to cleanup Jack Markell’s shit! Personally, I’ll hold judgement on Carney until after his second year in office.

Now for me, I can’t just sit here on the backside of Rehoboth Bay saying nothing and watching other blogger eat out of the hands of unions. Then they is Trump being used as a diversion for failing Delaware democrats. I am still thinking of the alternative Hillary Clinton. Scary !!

Blaming Carney for all the failures and lack of quality services in Delaware would be like blaming education union leaders for the failure of poor minority children. How many years and decades have our poor children been under-served? 


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