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Democrats want another Pearl Harbor before taking action against North Korea!


Was I right ? Democrats will be force to impose Obamacare on all! Including those who enacted the law.

PETITION: 100,000 Signatures to Force Congress to Use Obamacare! Conservative Fighters 



Obamacare is a massive failure.

It’s not only killing the economy, it has also obliterated the American middle-class.

How fair is it that hardworking, middle-class Americans are now shouldered with the burden of paying for everyone who either can’t afford insurance or refuses to get off their lazy butts to work for it?

Furthermore, how fair is it that the idiots who created, passed, and now REFUSE to REPEAL this horrific law, have exempted themselves from using the crappy health care system?

It’s not fair.

If we’re expected to live with this garbage, they should be too.

Please sign the new petition, demanding Congress be forced to use Obamacare.

Make sure you share the petition, so we can get the White House to address this matter.

Let the games begin !!!!!!!!!!!!


Trump’s presidency paying off! Republicans and democrats forced to grow-up

My vote for Trump was a protest vote! For years and years politicians catered to special interest. The enact laws mandating all citizens have healthcare or be fined. The same healthcare they themselves refuse to participate in. The Washington politicians intrude on local control of public education and manipulate week governors like former Governor Jack Markell to be the Race to The Top agent. The Washington politicians raided Social Security and didn’t enact laws to pay it back.

For many voting for Trump that vote was a message that we’re sick and tied of the Washington D.C. BULLSHIT!  

President Obama pushed the healthcare debate to a reality of we have some sort of nationalized healthcare. But even he knew there would be modification needed in the future! Obamacare is pretty much another welfare program whereas, middle class America once again has to foot the bill as Washington expanded eligibility of free healthcare for those far above the poverty level, Washington refuses to promote real healthcare competition by allowing Americans to buy healthcare across state-lines. They feel states are better suited to regulated the healthcare industry. Don’t make sense to be bring that Obamacare is federally mandated to a point Americans will be fined if they don’t have it.

No doubt Trump is shaking things up in Washington D.C.. But the sliver lining is, he’s unmasked the D.C. republican who talked a good game about repealing Obamacare and when it was time to deliver they failed. They all talked a good game when Obama was in office. They knew their protest bills they introduced  while Obama wasn’t office would go nowhere! It was all a facade !

One thing for sure is, Delaware Senators Carper and Coons tip their hand by acknowledging Washington Republicans and Democrats need to unify to “fix” Obamacare. But there will be no true fix unless we have single-payer healthcare where all citizens including state and federal elected officials and state and federal workers participate. If they think its the best plan for Americans than it should best for those who enacted the law.

Trump has pushed the healthcare crisis to a point Washington politicians must work together. As for the democrats, doing nothing will allow Obamacare to implode in the way of higher premiums and more people dropping out because they can’t afford the premiums and sad to say many who pay-up will won’t be able to afford it due to extreme deductibles. By time the presidential election rolls around 2020 the democrats will have egg on the face as Obamacare going unaddressed will be another protest point of middle america.. Odds are Trump won’t win a second term but a dark-horse republican will fend-off Hillary Clinton or even Joe Biden. 

The reality is, the problems in America are rooted in Washington D,C. and many of us wanted someone to shake things up down in D.C.. So we sent an nut-job 🙂 He is doing exactly what many voters wanted! Radically shake things up!!     

School Balance Due: $2,006,532.57 Wanxiang Boxwood Plant Wilmington Delaware #Wanxiang

支付他媽的學校稅 Zhīfù tā mā de xuéxiào shuì


Sen. Carper and Sen. Coons need to man-up and enroll in Obamacare

Delaware Sen. Carper and Sen. Coons Obamacare saviors need to man-up and join the healthcare exchange they impose the the people.

Many middle-age middle-class Americans pay out the ass for healthcare and many can’t retire at 62 if they want to. 

The time has come for all state and federal elected officials “and” employees be required to participate in Obamacare! If you defend it you should participate in it. 


Slower Delaware is amazing place to live

OMG !!!!! All the New Castle County jokes about lower Delaware aka slower Delaware is so wrong!

Folks the people in Sussex County Delaware are AMAZING! Here everyone greets each other with a wave or how are you doing! I swear my arm is about ready to fall off. When cutting grass people wave and I wave back! I live in one of those golf-cart communities and again, wave as we past each other. 

The roads in Sussex County are clean and well maintained. The respect for police and their respect for citizens takes us back to the good old days. Drivers down here are pretty good! However, I see a few PA drivers just pushing their way through traffic.

As for politics I went home to the Republican Party.  Nothing to do with Trump ! I look around in Delaware and do see a few good democrats who looked Jack Markell in the eye and pretty much told Jack to kiss their ass! However the others enabled Jack Markell and I don’t see me supporting them. As far as a 3rd party and my stay as a registered Libertarian. I feel the Libertarian Party is the most legitimate 3rd party. I can see myself supporting a worthy Libertarian. No doubt we need to end this two-party system.

The food in Sussex County !!!!!!!! OMG ! Amazing !

DMV on Sussex County (Georgetown)! Yep it was crowded last Wednesday night and OMG I had about 50  people ahead of me! But I sat and observed ! The DMV folks kept their composure and seemed to treat everyone with friendly service. Very upbeat people! Even the State Trooper standing guard pitched in with directing people to where they need to go! AND OMG !! The Kiosk for license renewal and change of address (in my case) was amazing! Took less than 10 minutes from completing information and going to get new license.  

Stay tuned !

Kilroy returns to blogging !

Some of you may known for the last year and half I’ve been transitioning from New Castle County to Sussex County. Well that transition is complete!

I purchase a home on the backside of Rehoboth Bay back in February 2016, a 35 year wedding anniversary gift to my wife.  We’ve been doing some remodeling and we’re still in the process. Its been an insane year and a half bouncing back and forth. House is sold and settled in New Castle County.  Few things left to do here such as upgrading HVAC. Heat part is done and AC is being done in two weeks. Then there is the outdoor living space and some bathroom remodeling. However, living here makes that process less stressful. 

I am fortunate enough to work from home and my work space looks like a command center! I work in logistics. I thought about retiring but I’d go insane! You can only fish, crab and kickback all you want but I need brain food! LOL 🙂 

My blogging will be a broader blend between education issues, politics, local and world events AND life in slower Delaware. You’ll notice my blog name has been modified to Kilroy’s Slower Delaware. If you have Kilroy’s Delaware on a shortcut link you need to do nothing. I breached your firewall and made the changes for you! LOL 🙂 not ! All is good and you link to Kilroy’s is the same.

So stay tune for more blog posts.  

DSEA President gets bitched slapped by NJ’s misguided Delaware Voices

Don’t divide Delaware over charter schools: Delaware Voices Daniel Walker, Erica Dorsett and Cyntiche Deba

“The whole charter movement and NSA [Neighborhood Schools Act] in Delaware is because certain folks don’t want their kids going to school with the kids of other certain folks. Period.

It’s been a long and slow 20 years, but the deeper we go, the more we learn the “choice and charter” movement across the country is really about racism and classism.”” 

Such remarks are not completely a surprise coming from Mike Matthews, a regular critic of public charter schools who called for their moratorium. But Matthews’ racially charged and “us vs. them” rhetoric is particularly problematic coming from someone who claims to speak for Delaware’s more than 10,000 educators.

I am going to side with Mr. Matthews. My observations are, Delaware’s charter school movement was seeded by those who opposed to the desegregation order aka force busing. The charter school preference ” specific interest” was created to keep at-risk children out of certain charter schools.  And it was very white of them to allow charter schools with specific interest in serving at-risk children. This set the stage for de facto segregation.  I remember a conversation with a former Red Clay board member who said, “why do they choose to go there” in response to the de facto segregation question. Well duh ! Where do at-risk minority children go where parents want them out of traditional public schools? Delaware charter school preferences especially specific interest is more or less, go to the back of the bus.

Lets face it Delaware public school “system” is a complete failure. Notice I said “system” which is meant not to offend public school teachers including charter school teachers. It’s not their fault!

The push for improving public schools is deeply rooted in closing the achievement gap between white and black students. Creating  de facto segregation whereas ” they choose to go there” is a major social injustice. Obvious Charter School of Wilmington and Newark Charter School sit at the time of the target list of criticism because of lack of diversity. HOWEVER, I am pro school choice and I find most parents first concern is see that their children attend save schools and schools focused on educating children without distractions of disruptive students and absent parents. But the sad part is, tradition public schools can’t pick and choose their students. As far as low performing charter school predominately high poverty, parents of those students want the exact same as other choice school parents. But part of the injustice is, without need based funding at-risk children “will ” continue to fail. I think for parents of at-risk students there is a false sense of charter schools are better when it comes to academics. No matter how we cut it, there are exceptions to the rule whereas, there are traditional and charter schools serving at-risk student that do well.

Back to Mr. Matthews! From the eyes of the right he is just a union puppet. However, knowing Mike he does have compassion and true concern for all children. I agree with him re: weighed funding but disagree more money , more money. Over they last 20 years we have been $$$$ pissing in the wind via politically inspired public school reform in Delaware, Last year’s high school graduating class represented a generation of students who endure DSTP, DCAS and Smarter Balanced Assessment. The inconsistency and adjustments between these test and skewed outcome data between these test “harm” our children. HOWEVER, the biggest harm to Delaware’s Public education has come at the hands of Jack Markell.

Perhaps Matthews is taking his cues from national teachers’ union leaders. American Federation of Teachers leader Randi Weingarten recently called efforts to promote school choice “polite cousins of segregation.” But if we are going to create an excellent education system, it is not going to come about by adopting the “war of all against all” ways of Washington, D.C.

And this comment reveals the true hand of those who wrote this opinion article. Going low doesn’t help address the problem. They didn’t prove their case for charter schools.

When leaders attack and promulgate myths about Delaware’s public charter schools, they alienate and disparage the families (including those of many educators Matthews represents) of the more than 14,000 current students (and the many alums of these schools) who exercised their ability to seek other options for their children. These leaders also ignore what the public charter movement in Delaware is really about. 

When charter school advocates can’t grasp their system of education fuels de facto segregation and protects the white status quo we’ll never see true reform. There is a reason Delaware has never seen a tradition public school convert to a charter school; lock . stock and barrel. Because it would only mirror current traditional public schools.  To hold up Charter School of Wilmington as the best school in Delaware is a sad event. Yes Charter School of Wilmington is amazing! But any school that gives preference to high performing honor students will be as successful! Charter School of Wilmington lacks the staff talent to effectively address the needs to real close the achievement gap. But then again teachers choose to teach there because they don’t want to put up with the disruptive bullshit with traditional public schools. Surely Mr Matthews could have tracked to a charter school and would have done outstanding. But he understands diversity within public schools is healthy and does help prepare students for a diverse world. But now he is  the face of the “union” and certainly will defend the union way. BUT lets keep in mind, if it weren’t for unions many of us non union workers wouldn’t have a 40 hour work-week and benefits.  However, over the last 15 years benefits for non union-workers such as company paid retirement has dwindled. Union members especially state and federally union members are becoming the privilege class. 

It is about innovation: Public charters were designed to be flexible, innovative, free from non-essential regulatory and contractual limitations, and responsive to the needs of the communities they serve. With such flexibility, a group of Delaware public charters was able to create a teacher performance appraisal process that was better tailored to educators’ needs and  Delaware Design Lab High School became one of 10 organizations across the country to win a $10 million XQ Prize. 

And if you keep your head under the blanket when you fart you’ll can believe such a falsehood. The flexibility to pick and choose your children excluding at-risk students makes you a racist. Charter school student admission doors must swing the same way as traditional schools. There is no fair and equitable public school system in Delaware and de facto segregation should be address by the courts.

Ultimately, contrary to Mike Matthews’ claims, the charter school movement is not about racism and classism; it is about students. 

The charter school movement started in Red Clay by those who were bitter about desegregation aka force busing. And a few within helped pen the charter school legislation and ensured a senate seat for Tom Carper who signed the charter school legislation. The Delaware Political Star Chamber is alive and well!  Sadly there are those charter school advocates now $$ capitalizing on charter schools. 

It is clear that public charter schools are not without problems, and education leaders like Matthews are quick to spotlight examples that further divide us. But a fair observer would also recognize the longstanding issues in traditional public schools: from a decades-long track record of poorly educating certain groups of students, to highly-segregated schools, to a curriculum and teaching profession that lacks racial and ethnic diversity, to the lack of career and college readiness of high school graduates. 

So Mr. Matthews is to look down at his feet and shuffle along and ignore the fact certain charter schools alienate at-risk children? Mr. Matthews has his faults and is blinded by his union involvement at time. We need one public school system that meets the needs of all children equally and a divided system negatively impact the most neediest students. 

If that is our goal, we can start by recognizing that families and students do not care about inane debates pitting public charters against traditional public schools. They do not want more division. They want great schools. Period.

And the reason we have a society of people who looks the other way even if it is murder and sees and says nothing is because many live in their own bubble and the hell with others.

Lets keep in mind, today’s charter school parents had nothing to do with the creation of charter schools and take a beating. But it’s like! Hey I am sorry for how we got here via racist founders but it’s not our fault! We want the best for”our” children.  I support school choice including charter schools. However it is the charter school school law that is offensive and racist that needs to be changed. I see no need to eliminate charter and magnet schools. I see a need for a public school system in Delaware that is fair and equal to all students starting at school admission. And as for as those who don’t want their children to attend school with black children! Enroll them in a private school on your dime, not mine!

Another Governor aka John Carney saying we must do more for our at-risk students! The big white lie !

Delaware student test scores released; no major gains, losses Jessica Bies, The News Journal

For some school districts, reaching that bar has been difficult, however. Gov. John Carney said in a statement that he thought true progress was being made in education and there are bright spots in the data where some schools have made notable gains. 

“But the difficult truth remains that too many of our students in the City of Wilmington — our largest city and the economic and cultural engine of our state — are being left behind,” he said. “That is something that we cannot allow to continue. We must do more to help our most disadvantaged students — those affected by poverty, stress, and trauma.” 

Come on John ! Same old, same old!! Your recent veto added more chains to our most neediest at-risk children. Continuing Marekll’s lies is not going to help children.

SAT scores also stagnant 

High school juniors in Delaware take the SATs, which are also used to measure proficiency in English language arts and math. 

In English, 53 percent of students were proficient, which is the same as last year. In math, 29 percent were proficient, compared with 31 percent last year. 

Though at least 95 percent of students are supposed to take the SAT, many schools did not meet that benchmark. 

And here we have the end result ! Continual FAILURE! 

Sen. Sokola and Gov. Carney get’s ass- whipping from John Young

Column: Carney’s more lip service to Wilmington kids John M. Young /News Journal

Gov. John Carney vetoed HS 1 for HB 85, and with that continued a proud Delaware gubernatorial tradition of paying lip service to our precious Wilmington students in dire need.

Students who have significant challenges and obstacles like violence and poverty. Students who are most in need of significant support just to obtain an equitable opportunity to succeed in school.

So, what was HS1 for HB 85? It was a bill that passed in the recently concluded 1st session of the 149th General Assembly sponsored by Kim Williams, one of the most education-savvy members of the General Assembly. It passed both the House and Senate with over two-thirds majorities in both houses.

Another view: Carney should fight for real change in schools

At issue in this bill was an attempt to remove a specious preference baked into the 1995 charter law that permits charter schools to select a 5-mile radius as an enrollment preference, ostensibly to create a “neighborhood” feel.


Fast forward more than two decades, and the reality of how the preference rule actually functions in schools that utilize it is schools that do not reflect their communities, either racially or socio-economically. It has created enclaves of inequity. Rep. Kim Williams knows this, and she acted.

Sen. Dave Sokola knows this too. He also acted. He acted to preserve one of these pernicious enclaves by making a special exception for non-contiguous school districts to not be included in the dissolution of the 5-mile radius. The great compromise was struck and the bill passed — until it didn’t.

With the stroke of his veto pen, Gov. Carney indicated that the compromise, while well intended, “unfairly excludes some of our most vulnerable students. It does not simply remove the five-mile radius preference. The legislation creates a new standard that uniquely limits options for at-risk students in the Christina School District portion of the city of Wilmington – many of the kids who need our help the most – and that is something I cannot support.”

Just one problem: his veto did the same thing.

It left the students he used to justify his veto in the exact same spot they would be in if he signed the bill — and back we all go on the Delaware buck-passing merry-go-round of gubernatorial and legislative incompetence.

We have a standing commission (The Wilmington Education Improvement Commission) that has offered actual solutions and ideas on how to help children in Wilmington and for that matter all of Delaware. I’m not even prepared to say those ideas are perfect, but you know what they are: ideas from people who care, ideas from people close to education, and ideas from people who aren’t using our children as political talking points.

Enough blaming. Enough of legislative “leadership.” Stop using Christina Schools’ unique geography as your insidious excuse to not fix a problem you simply can’t claim to not see.

Next time you want to veto a bill and use our district as your foil, try and resist that urge and put your energy into leading Delaware towards a robust system of charters and traditional public schools that reflect their communities and provide adequate resources for all students. Hopefully, it is obvious the State Board of Education has failed in this primary mission.

So, here’s a hint: start with a robust structural and complete overhaul of school funding, not the traveling snake oil salesman routine we seem to get annually from the occupant du jour in Woodburn or the uninspired, seemingly routine inaction of our General Assembly. Everything else that needs to be fixed needs this predicate action.

Authentic leadership centered on children: let’s give that a try in the second half of the 149th General Assembly. 

John Young is a school board member in the Christina School District. 


Right-on John Young! And it’s a damn shame other school board members in Delaware can’t see they aren’t puppets for their district superintendents and are independent voices of those who elected them. Far too long, too many local school board members just look down at their feet when it fact they need to step up and fight like John Young!

I said it before and I’ll say it again; John Carney is being nailed to the cross for the sins of Jack Markell! HOWEVER !!!!!!!!!! In this case, Carney veto reveals Carney in-sensitiveness to real root causing to issues defacing the civil rights movement. Carney’s veto was a slap in the face to at-risk minority children. Carney has become security guard for NCS Country Club.  

Wanxiang America Boxwood plant owes $2 million in school taxes and News Journal refuses to confront them

Two companies grow from Fisker’s ashes Karl Baker, The News Journal

Go ahead and read the useless News Journal article about “Two companies grow from Fisker’s ashes”. But it doesn’t mention the outstanding school taxes owes mostly to Red Clay and portion to votech.

Tax and Sewer Info for Parcel # 0704210055 Tax History as of 7/22/2017 3:00:04 AM School Balance Due:$2,006,532.57 Wanxiang America

The publicly elected school board member of Red Clay bury their heads in the sand or rather being held their by the superintendent who proclaims it’s out of the district’s hands as it’s county government issue. School board members are to represent the community interest when it comes to public education with actions supporting the needs of students. Like clockwork the board comes with hat in hand referendum time yet they allow the community to pick up $$$ slack for tax-deadbeats like Wanxiang America. 

Pin Ni, Who Turned $20,000 Into A $4 Billion Company, Discusses Chinese Investments In The U.S./ Forbes  “At a time when Chinese companies are investing more than ever in the U.S., Wanxiang America stands out. Few Chinese companies have been in the U.S. as long, over 20 years. Based in Elgin, Illinois, outside of Chicago, Wanxiang America was started in 1994 as the U.S. outpost of Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang Group.”

I guess one’s bottom-line would grow if they don’t pay their taxes all the while local school boards coward in the corner. 

‘Treat us as a family’, Chinese investors telling US By Wang Naishui in New York | China Daily USA | Updated: 2017-06-15 11:4 

Communist should never be treated like family !

Is it too much to ask the Red Clay school board to draft a letter respectfully asking Wanxiang to pay their school tax obligation.

Then there is the News Journal writing some lame-ass article pretty much white-washing how the taxpayers were hoodwinked into the Fisker-Markell deal.

Change does not happen on it’s own! Leaders make change happen! It’s one thing when someone is down on their luck and can’t pay their taxes. However, Wanxiang is turning profits and using revenues from unpaid profits for investments and profits for their investors. Investing in American shouldn’t mean fucking the local citizens.

Imperial Wizard Carney puts blessing hands on NCS

Carney vetoes bill to expand Newark Charter’s preference zone but exclude Wilmington kids / NewsWorks

Gov. John Carney vetoed a bill Thursday that would remove the five-mile radius for enrollment preference at Delaware charter schools, arguing that it “unfairly excludes some of our most vulnerable” Wilmington students.

I’ve defended Governor Carney from getting bashed re: budget. Governor Markell left Governor Carney a pile of shit when it comes to state finances and economy. However, Governor Carney stepped out of that pile of shit and just laid the foundation for his own pile of shit. 

The only charter school admission preference that should be permissible is the applicant must live within the traditional school district that it is located in. Carney’s veto is a slap in the face of civil rights.

 “Educating our children is both a moral and an economic imperative, and the achievement gap in the state of Delaware is a problem that cannot be ignored,” Carney wrote in his veto letter. “At-risk students across our state, but especially in the city of Wilmington, are not getting the education that they deserve.”  

So support the NCS five-mile radius locking out city of Wilmington at-risk students gives them what they deserve? WTF

Sokola, a Democrat who represents the senatorial district in which Newark Charter is located, acknowledged in May during an interview with WHYY that he would not support the bill and it would likely not pass the Senate if it didn’t exclude Wilmington.

His main reasons, Sokola said then, was that it would cause “logistical challenges” in transportation and parental involvement because Newark Charter is about 16 miles from Wilmington.

So school Choice is for isn’t working unless the student attends a school within five-miles of his home? Damn Dave! Dave, weren’t you a founding board member of CSN. Remember when you use to sit on CSN’s board? So sad Dave! 

Three Democratic state representatives — Stephanie Bolden and Charles Potter of Wilmington and John Kowalko of Newark – along with state NAACP president Linwood Jackson protested in May that the bill is “discriminatory and unlawful” and sought a legal opinion from Attorney General Matt Denn.

“Discrimination is racial, whether it’s against minorities or poor kids,” Bolden said then in an interview.

Folks you are pissing in the wind! I support you but in Delaware, the white knights rules!  

Who ordered the Code Red on Delaware teacher TELL Survey

Lack of responses raises questions about Delaware teacher survey , The News Journal Published 4:14 p.m  July 19, 2017 |

Though little data was collected from some of Delaware’s lowest-performing schools, officials say a 2017 survey of local teaching conditions still has valuable takeaways. 

Less than half of the state’s educators participated in the survey, results show. At some schools, like Bayard Middle School in Wilmington, only a few teachers responded.

So much for collaboration !

“Obviously, I’m a little concerned about the response rate,” said Mike Matthews, president of the Delaware State Education Association. “However, speaking as a teacher, it’s a time-of-year issue.” 

“And bluntly, putting this bluntly, I think many folks have survey exhaustion at the end of the year,” Matthews said. “For many people, it was probably just one more thing to do.” 

WTF just one more thing to do for the kids! The dog ate my fucking homework!

It’s also possible the response rate suffered because the survey was delayed. Originally scheduled for 2015, the State Board of Education and the Rodel Foundation raised concerns about several questions added to the survey shortly before it was to be released. 

Or was lack of participation a way of telling Rodel to kiss my ass?

You know, at the end of the day perhaps we need to ask students hard questions about “their” education and services provided. 

Breaking News: Obama meets private with Putin!

Too little is known about Obama’s meeting with Putin in 2013: Dobbs By Lou Dobbs Published July 19, 2017 White House FOXBusinessOpens a New Window.

A few thoughts now on secret meetings and the private interactions taking place between important world leaders.

I am upset, distressed and dismayed, that for too long, too little is known about what the U.S. president and the Russian leader were talking about. Of course, I’m referring to President Barack Obama.

It was Mr. Obama who met with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the 2013 G20 meeting in St. Petersburg. As it turned out, Mr. Obama had a half-hour discussion. The White House confirmed the meeting, but provided no details.