Daily Archives: April 22, 2017

Last one out of Kilroy’s please turn off the light!

I started blogging in 2006 with a mission to drive transparency within our public school system. In 2006 Blogging was the centerpiece of social media. Facebook was about two years old and the Twitter bird was just coming out of its egg. Today all forms of social media drives the issues and spits out news quicker than mainstream media. By time we read the News Journal their news is old and in many case bias to the likes of Rodel and Markell. In my opinion the News Journal helped pour the tainted Kool-aid served to parents and the community in regards to the Wall Street education Trojan Horse. But in the end social media keeps the light on the truth.  
Looking back I don’t regret any of my obscenities used as I blogged. Shock and awl even in blogging has it’s place. I see blogs as virtual kitchen tables where people can just spit it out. Everyone has an equal voice no matter what even Publius!  
Kilroy was on a mission! And that mission was to see that every traditional, votech and charter school board digitally record the public sessions on their board meetings and post online. Also , the Delaware Department of Education. It was a long battle ! and with the help of my friends it was accomplished. Thank you John Young for staying by my side from day one. Rep Kim Williams, thank you for keeping my dream alive in legislative hall. Rep Hudson! Thank you for taking my rough drafts of the legislation and getting to committee and vote. I am not going to say I am sorry for pushing you hard when Longhurst and the Speaker of the House held the bill hostage. If I were to say nothing or do nothing the bill would have died. Whether or not if the public listens to those recordings is not a concern, The fact is, our legislators supported enhancing transparency which even gave themselves greater access to whats going on in public education. Also, I take pride in pushing Red Clay to establish their Community Financial Review Committee which was a result of  Red Clay’s board’s failure to properly keep track of Red Clay’s finances. That action of the board to establish this committee planted the seed for all public school districts and charter schools to have such a committee by law. Someday when the Delaware Department of Education is competent we might see action taken to require more conformity of so of those committees. However, my job is done!  
I am not leaving blogging because I give up! I am leaving because I’ll be relocating downstate and will be working from home. I have a very intense career that has mushroomed in the major responsibilities. I plan on working hard during the day and fishing, crabbing and relaxing after hours.      
Saving the world is an impossible feat! However, not trying is a tragedy! I may have only moved transparency and inch! But if was forward!