DE PTA and DSEA bitch-slaps former DE Sec of Ed

Delaware’s ex-education secretary says union blocked progress ,

Delaware’s former education secretary, Mark Murphy, has come out against the state’s education union this week, accusing it of focusing primarily on securing better health benefits and salaries rather than acting as a “gatekeeper for quality teaching.”

What an F’ing delbert!!!!!!!!! Clueless!! Teacher unions like any struggle to “maintain” the level of healthcare they have let alone, “securing better healthcare”! Salaries for teachers have been stagnate! And may new young teachers struggle with piss-poor starting pay!  

“Imagine if the teachers’ union was a gatekeeper for quality teaching,” he was quoted as saying. “‘We, the union, care deeply about high-quality teachers and we are going to do everything we can to ensure we have high-quality teachers,’ instead of, ‘We’re going to spend our time defending teachers who do bad things, and negotiating for better health benefits and salary.'”  

What would Murphy know about teaching? His degree is in physical education and not to put gym teachers down. However, The level of teaching skill and experience Murphy was sub-par. He had about 5 years experience with 3 being a gym teacher. Murphy is a Rodel Vision clone who walks on his knees better than his feet! 

“As president of the Red Clay Education Association during his tenure as Secretary of Education, I feel his comments lack an abundant amount of necessary context needed to draw the conclusions he has, particularly in relation to his retelling of what happened in Wilmington with Priority Schools,” he said. “As President-elect of DSEA, I’m genuinely interested in working with all stakeholders — in particular, the Department of Education — but there will be lines in the sand drawn when it comes to school turnaround ideologies lacking in common sense, evidence and empathy.”

The Delaware Department of Education is a big stakeholder as in holding the stake in the backs of teachers so that the like of Murphy and Markell can hammer it in! You my friend will be the most challenged DSEA President of all times! Markell left a $400 million dollar budget hole and its going to hurt education. Odds are they’ll come after ERP programs and make parent pay to play re: extra curricular activities. 

“I tried to change the funding system. I couldn’t get that done. I tried to change how teachers were paid. Couldn’t get that done. Tried to change how we dealt with the lowest-performing schools. Couldn’t get that done. Each time you try to turn around a school, or you open or close a charter school, or disagree with the union, you punch another hole in the bucket and you start to drain out. You lose some political capital. Eventually, you’re out of water.”

Because you lacked GRIT and was nothing more than a Markell yes man! Damn Kilroy left more tangibles on the table than you! Kilroy’s one man army with the help of my friend was able to get laws enacted to require the Delaware Department of Education, all traditional, charter and votech board to record the public sessions of their board meeting and post on-line! You left nothing but a pile of political shit in your wake! 

The Delaware PTA also expressed frustration with Murphy, which President Terri Hodges found herself reliving as she read the former administrator’s blog post on Wednesday. 

“We had a contentious relationship with Mark,” she said. “It was on again and off again, and primarily, a lot of that was Mark did not take us seriously.”

Hodges said the PTA, which has a membership base of about 7,000 people, was frequently asked to help research new initiatives or provide feedback on new policy, but very rarely were they credited for their work or included in final drafts.

“Nine times out of 10, he would just discard it,” she said.

Murphy was wired by the likes of Rodel and didn’t really have the capacity for developing sincere relationship! He was stuck in Markell’s fart bubble! He was an obstructionist to real partnership with meaningful parental involvment.

Murphy was a politcal puppet with a head full of sawdust! 


One response to “DE PTA and DSEA bitch-slaps former DE Sec of Ed

  1. lastDEconservative

    Good grief, Kilroy. Your rant seems intended to fully discredit and/or make Coach’s claims invisible by virtue of covering them with smoke. Like him or lump him, what part of him honestly pointing out that this teacher’s union simply does what all unions do (to the exclusion of ALL else, be it caring for kids or ensuring a car’s trunk lid is spaced correctly) do you find out of order?

    And why don’t you post the UD economics ladies’ recent NJ article about the Iron Triangle controlling (as in wrecking) the schools? (4/9/2017) Put it next to George Will’s 3/23/2017 column concerning the ticking time bomb of all (including and especially teacher’s union’s) government pension plan payouts (that can’t be met, and that the elected created but now won’t deal with).

    Meanwhile, I’ll just bask in the glow of these idiot Iron Triangle members desperately playing musical chairs with the blame for the regression evident in the schools here in the People’s Republic of. I take great solace in seeing that the ties that bind the disparate bands of destroyers are really pretty weak, and that the bonds will crumble the minute one destroyer has to choose between the alliance and his own rump. That’s almost as satisfying as imagining even one of the great unwashed scratching his ass after reading this latest piece and starting to at least wonder if Kwacko,, should be reelected and whether or not he should continue to believe the propaganda coming home in his child’s book bag.

    Great day, this one.