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Public castration for the sick bastard in New Castle County Delaware! Re: kidnap and rape of a 4 year-old

Police search for ‘monster’ who abducted, assaulted girl , The News Journal

Lt. Col Vaughn Bond, New Castle County Police, and County Executive Matt Meyer spoke Friday about the abduction and sexual assault of a little girl the day before.

Witnesses in the area observed a 4-year-old girl playing outside when she was approached by a white man with dark hair driving a dark-colored sedan with tinted windows, said Officer First Class JP Piser, a county police spokesman.

Bond said the victim was with friends “doing what kids do, playing and having a good time” when a man drove up in the sedan and “engaged the 4-year-old in small conversation.” He was able to lure her near enough his car to capture her and drive off.

The victim’s friends chased after the car but gave up their pursuit quickly, turning then to find an adult who would call the police.

Around 8:45 p.m., a 911 call was received from an adult who saw the child walking in Banning Park. Bond said the girl’s abductor had released her.

Honestly !!!!!!!!! This sick bastard when caught should have his dick and balls cutoff in full view of the public!  


Go figure !!! Governor Carney wants to pull a Trump to protect Delaware wealthiest !!!

Carney and his top lieutenants fear that Kowalko’s plan pushing top wage earners into a rate of 7.8 percent would cause wealthy Delawareans to leave the state –– particularly with Pennsylvania’s 3.07 percent flat income tax rate looming right over the border.

Folks !!!!!!!!!!! We need to keep an eye on those state legislators who supports Carney’s plan! A vote for Carney’s plan will be a vote out of office for those legislators voting yes!

“We have been squandering opportunity after opportunity to have a sustainable economy that can weather the storm,” said Kowalko, who has sponsored several bills proposing two new, higher brackets. “The only way to do that is with a proper progressive personal income tax structure that doesn’t demand an arm and a leg from the wealthy but does ask the wealthier to pay a little bit more.

Support for Kowalko’s plan is  the way to go!

It sucks we have to raise taxes to cover Jack Markell’s $$$ blunders !

I know Markell stuck it $$$$$$$$ up Carney ass going out the door! However, Carney protecting the wealthiest is an insult to the middle-class! We’ll watch the vote and pacybacks will be a  bitch at the 2018 polls.