More Delaware lobs leaving! Will it have an impact on state finances?

Barclays to close Ogletown site; relocate 300 employees , The News Journal

About 100 workers will be transferred to the bank’s U.S. headquarters in Wilmington, while the remaining 200 will be split between Henderson, Nevada, and Hamilton, Ohio. The moves are expected to be completed by the end of 2017.



2 responses to “More Delaware lobs leaving! Will it have an impact on state finances?

  1. Blue State, Blue State, how to run a blue state with more takers than contributors. Bend over 53 per-centers (The percent of people paying federal taxes), the tax hikes are coming and what will you get for your increased taxes? Ummmmm, the same poorly performing schools, the same poorly managed deldot, the same appeasing of SJW’s and minorities. Progress will remain slower than a stoned turtle. Since they are going to try and legalize recreational pot, that turtle might just enjoy going slower.

    Democrat voters, where are your politicians with ‘creative’ new ways to address basic problems like over spending and under intake of revenue? They are at Friendly’s buying breakfast or fondling the Unions and DSEA for votes. I don’t know anything, but it is kind of funny when the ‘know nothings’ can predict the typical tax and spend practices of those who only succeed when they are taking more of their constituents money while providing less. How’s that weighted funding going to work when there aren’t enough contributors??? How’s that educational funding going to work now that they’ve over-committed, under delivered, and spent every last cent on the so called neediest? Albeit this is all very snarky but the point is this; In order to run an economy, you must have more producers than takers. You must provide goods and services that people are willing to pay for. You must not over extend yourself in favorable economic times or you end up upside down in non-favorable economic times. Is Delaware doing any of these things correctly?
    $385,000,000.00 MILLION IN THE RED is the answer. If you can’t figure out if DE is doing these things correctly, you are probably one of the Blue state voters. Carper 8 years, Minner 8 years, Markell 8 years, now Carney. Going on 25 years. Your chickens have come home to roost. I guess a ‘blue’ hen is an appropriate state bird. Still want to maintain prevailing wage? Of course you do, gotta grease the unions for votes. Still want to guarantee STEP increases? Gotta still grease the state workers so they keep voting blue. Still want the inspection lanes open when working people can’t get there 8-3:30? Gotta keep paying overtime for Wednesday night. Still need to renovate Deldot offices in the midst of the recession (at prevailing wage, no doubt)? Gotta keep the disgruntled state workers happy in pleasing environments. Still need all the school districts we have instead of consolidating? Gotta keep the charade going that NCC needs 4 district administrations with it’s overhead of 6 figure superintendents and associated supporting personnel. Still want Sanctuary schools and state? Gotta keep believing these illegal immigrants will be granted asylum and then vote Democrat.


  2. lastDEconservative

    “fondling the unions and DSEA”. I like it.