Delaware DOE report might support school voucher! 41% of Delaware public school students entering college ill-prepared!

Report: 41% of Delaware graduates not ready for college , The News Journal

Even as Delaware expands access to college-level courses such as dual enrollment and Advanced Placement classes, 41 percent of public high school graduates are entering in-state colleges and universities unprepared, according to a report released Wednesday.

Just the tip of the iceberg! One can image how many high school graduates no going to college are ill-prepared for the workforce! Then there are those student pushed through via social promotions! I remember the days when they said, “you need that piece of paper (high school diploma) if you want to get a good job! And now that piece of paper is nothing more that a worthless piece of paper! 

In Delaware – as is the case across the country – many students are graduating high school unprepared for the level of rigor necessary in a college course, the new data shows. Acceptance to college does not guarantee readiness for college, DOE stressed. 

It’s so ironic that the Delaware Department of Education steps up and announce this news and fails to take any blame for their Jack Markell kiss-ass deeds! 

Currently, 36 percent of students are not ready for college-level math, the report said. That’s despite the fact a majority of students take not only Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 but geometry before their senior year.

A student is only as good as his teacher and perhaps 36 percent of math teachers suck! 

Its goal is, by 2025, for 65 percent of Delaware’s workforce to earn a college degree or professional certificate and for every student to graduate from high school prepared for continuing education and a career.

Such ambiguous goals ! Some how I think Rodel is behind this by 2025 pipe-dream! Vision 2015 was a flop and as was their change agent Jack Markell!

Of course our leading educators will blame the lack of weighed-funding and somehow this will be all President Trump’s fault.

The sad part of all this is, same old same old for minority students! At the end of the day many at-risk minority students pushed through the system via social promotion and artificial grades will face another generation of poverty.

As for those STEM jobs! Don’t worry China has many grad-students coming to America to fill them! Perhaps Delaware’s dual language Chinese classes may come in handle! America students ending up as lab rats washing and cleaning lab equipment can better communicate with their superiors.  

What do we do? Those leading educators warn parents not to buy into President Trump’s school vouchers because their children will be cheated out of an education! Seems to me they are currently being cheated!

With Governor Carney’s pending education funding cuts he’ll be the scapegoat for failing schools! However, the real blame goes to Rodel and their Change Agent Jack Markell! Then there is the Delaware Department of Education’s skewed data re: Dropout rate and graduation rates ! State testing data is a complete wash! Jumping from DSTP to DCAS then to The Smarter Balanced Assessment with pilot years in-between set the stage for data driven by apples to oranges.

Our teachers are failing due to failed leadership including state legislators! Our state legislators loyal to former Governor Jack Markell need to take responsibility for their stupidity! Something for us to remember come 2018 state elections!  


6 responses to “Delaware DOE report might support school voucher! 41% of Delaware public school students entering college ill-prepared!

  1. Or we could stop all the testing and actually teach the kids stuff. Just a thought.


  2. Or, our schools could demand that kids are not allowed to move on to the next grade until they can show competency in standardized grade level work. Institute a basic Pass/ Fail test every year. If they fail the basic minimum competency for the grade—-> Then they repeat the grade. Fail more than twice, refer the student to a remedial school for intense basic minimum competency training. It would insure teachers at every grade are not being over burdened with having to reteach or provide remedial work for the first 3 months of school to 30~40% of the class. It eliminates the idiotic DSEA effort to show ‘growth’ rather then make sure students only enter grades they are academically prepared for. (Low achieving/ Learning disabled/ behaviorally challenged students should be tracked with their academic equivalents, not mainstreamed.)

    Markell’s effort to ‘show’ higher graduation rates (not really demonstrate the students were more prepared) has come to fruition? It worked. More students are graduating, but what didn’t work is that the students aren’t really competent nor college ready. Suuurpriiiiise!! But we should all sign on the referendum line to support our dedicated districts??? How dare students/ parents seek schools that actually do the job of education. Doesn’t take an educational professional to figure out this smoke and mirrors. The DSEA members who went along with Markell knew it, they just chose to go along the Delaware way. Why should they fail students for incompetency if the governor would blame them for disengaged students.

    Jax, the students have to be willing to learn and the parents have to be willing to demand that their children apply themselves. Hard for that to happen if it is only the teachers putting forth the effort and the parent(s) are too distracted to make sure little (fill in goofy name) is doing his/ her / it’s? work.


  3. 41% are not ready to get into tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt to prepare for jobs that are rapidly being off-shored.


  4. what will vouchers actually do? nothing. just becuase you have a voucher doesnt mean your kids will get into a private school. they still have entrance exams and strict discipline codes. all vouchers will do it create a new business – pop up private schools. just like charters but private!!


  5. What does a voucher have to do with this?? Will vouchers stop social passing?
    Didn’t you all roll your eyes back when the articles came out about higher graduation rates? Well of course if we social pass year after year after freaking year, we are going to have higher graduation rates. Doesn’t mean they were earned! Graduating kids who are reading and doing math at a 7th grade level, or an 8th grade level, or possibly at a 5th grade level.It’s disgusting. If those same kids decide to go to college.. hello, they will be unprepared. Good God, I hope our tax dollars were not used to figure this out. Seriously, who didn’t know this?? I actually would have guessed higher numbers..


  6. Arthur, and kids with cars with rust and 200K miles on them, parking in the same parking lot with the 16th birthday cars with big red bows. No thanks