Do you support “paying” college education majors for Student Teaching via paying them as substitutes ?

House Bill 88

Introduced on: 3/23/17

Primary Sponsor: Matthews

Additional Sponsor(s): Sen. Townsend

Co-Sponsor(s): Sen. Walsh

Long Title:


Original Synopsis:

This Act allows for juniors and seniors majoring in education at a Delaware college or university to be paid $83 per day as substitute teachers, the same rate paid to those who hold a bachelor’s degree but not a teaching license. This will encourage education students to gain some field experience, while also incentivizing a larger pool of potential substitute teachers to address a growing difficulty in finding qualified, reliable substitute teachers for our schools.

Volume Chapter:


Fiscal Note/Fee Impact:

Not Required

Effective Date:

Takes effect upon being signed into law


4 responses to “Do you support “paying” college education majors for Student Teaching via paying them as substitutes ?

  1. One problem. Nobody wants to be a teacher anymore. Too little pay and too much disrespect. Sad. I am against this measure. Plus $83 is what Delaware pays a substitute? Very, very sad.


  2. I don’t think you need a degree to sub in Delaware. I think it’s just 30 college credits like it is in most states. I think classes for credits should be just that, classes for credits..not a part time job!! If some schools or districts can’t find substitute teachers, let’s look at the reason for that.. lol, as if that’s hard to figure out!!!!!


  3. Student teachers are not substitute teachers. They need to have a cooperating teacher who will oversee what they do. In contrast, a substitute teacher is primarily responsible for the class. That said, I did find it ironic, when I was student teaching, that I was paying so much money to the college to basically work a full time job for no pay. If student teachers were paid as substitutes, the taxpayers would have to pay two wages for one position – one to the cooperating teacher and one to the student teacher. Ridiculous.


  4. Not really ironic. Student teaching is a class. For credit. Towards a degree. And a way to find out if it is how you want to spend the rest of your life. For me, student teaching was eye opening and life changing. I realized I couldn’t do it and didn’t want to do it. But for those who do, it’s a great way to get your foot in the door. How could you be paid as a substitute? You’re not. You’re there with a teacher. Who would pay for two teachers doing the job of one? If a student wants to substitute, they can do it on Spring break or winter break.