Rep Williams calls it! Schools are not hotels re: star ratings

Delaware schools plan includes 5-star rating system , The News Journal

Rep. Kim Williams, vice chair of the House Education Committee, questioned the fairness of the system. Because Delaware has school choice and schools can have enrollment preferences, some perform better than others simply because they enroll high-performing students.

“We are not hotels,” she said. “Until we admit students fairly, based on a lottery, it is not fair to compare schools.”

Rep Williams is spot on ! The public school playing field isn’t even with charter and magnet schools enrollment preferences!

Open enrollment with not admission preferences must be applied to all Delaware’s public schools. Doors to all public schools must swing the same way for all students. 



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  1. Will Red Clay’s 6-8 grade schools soon mirror the districts 9-12 grades. Decisions have been made to offer IB in grades 6-8 at Dickinson and provide choice transportation fund for 6-8 grades at BSS, just like CAB and Conrad.

    Two years after changing the feeder for Skyline, the percentage of ELL, low income and special education students have increased.

    What impact will these decisions have on Skyline.


  2. The issue is not ‘fairness’ of entrance, it is an issue of fair use of resources and expenditures. Is it fair to allocate resources for higher scholastic ability to children? Most PC opinions say, NO. Is it fair to allocate resources to unwilling or low achieving students? Most PC opinions say, YES. Is it fair to redistribute resources AWAY from capable students TO low achieving or unwilling students? Most PC actions are, yes. PC ideology is that low achieving, low discipline ‘high needs’ kids deserve and are entitled to these resources. Higher achieving, more disciplined ‘high needs’ kids, not so much.

    This thinking is a direct parallel to the efforts by the Clinton administration to make mortgage lending more ‘fair’. They mandated that banks NOT fully qualify or vet the applicants for the applicants’ ability to repay the loans. Enter the housing bubble and the result was 2008 Recession. The irrational effort to NOT qualify (out of fairness) if the applicant was a good risk, cost the country and taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars. Silly me, being a good risk vs. being a bad risk is so passe. Silly me, capable, disciplined students do not deserve the resources allocated to low achieving, low discipline kids.

    Failing to qualify students for entrance into educational programs, without any criteria, will lead to what we have already seen in many of our TPS’s. The schools will be forced to water down their academic programs to accommodate those students who are unwilling or unable to meet the demands. Solution: ‘Track’ kids in TPS’s by ability. PC culture won’t allow that, so you get what we have today; watered down TPS’s and alternative schools catering to student/ parent demands. Don’t hate on the messenger, Hate on the dysfunction our legislators and school officials have created. And on the third rail, we have districts protecting illegal students/parents absorbing more resources that could alternatively be used for academic programs for legal students. This word ‘fairness’, sure has some strange applications.


  3. Is fair being equal? Last year millions were expended for Extra Pay for Extra Responsibilities for athletics, “EPER” most expended in our 9-12 grade schools.

    Was the same amount of funds expended to help our chidren who needed extra help in math, reading, etc.?

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