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New DSEA President better bring a $$$$ flashing! Carney $$$ going to be hard to find! Also Wanxiang over 1 million in unpaid school taxes!

Damn ! President Matthews is being kicked in the $$$$$$ nuts before taking office! Not only will educators $$$$$$$$ suffer so will Prez moving up to upper tax-bracket! 

Wanxiang (Boxwood Plant) 

County Balance Due:


School Balance Due:


I think it time for DSEA to sound the tax deadbeat horn! 

Police called to Delaware charter school “Design-Lab” 10 times sine January 1! CLOSE IT !

Police respond to school fights often, official says , The News Journal

There have been ten calls for service to Design-Lab since Jan 1, a state police official said.

Markell leaves Delaware in a financial hell and seniors will be hurt the most!

Carney proposes tax hikes, spending cuts in Del. state budget , The News Journal

Most Delawareans would see their taxes increased and virtually every part of state government — including schools — would lose funding under Gov. John Carney’s plan to erase the state’s $385.6 million budget hole.

The eligibility age for personal credits and retirement income tax breaks would gradually rise from 60 to 65. 

Carney’s plan reduces by $100 a tax break that senior citizens get on their school property tax bills.

No doubt Governor Carney’s $$$ slash and $$$ trash budget pretty much shares the pain! But I think senior citizens on fix income are going to feel the pain more!

As far as public schools! You can bet MORE REFERENDUMS to cover state cuts! And again! Senior citizens will feel the $$$$$ pain!

Thank you former Governor Jack Markell for screwing us all! SHAME ON YOU !

Rep Williams calls it! Schools are not hotels re: star ratings

Delaware schools plan includes 5-star rating system , The News Journal

Rep. Kim Williams, vice chair of the House Education Committee, questioned the fairness of the system. Because Delaware has school choice and schools can have enrollment preferences, some perform better than others simply because they enroll high-performing students.

“We are not hotels,” she said. “Until we admit students fairly, based on a lottery, it is not fair to compare schools.”

Rep Williams is spot on ! The public school playing field isn’t even with charter and magnet schools enrollment preferences!

Open enrollment with not admission preferences must be applied to all Delaware’s public schools. Doors to all public schools must swing the same way for all students.