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Obamacare to stay and Trump moves on to another lie! @realDonaldTrump #Trump

Yea yea Kilroy voted for Trump ! And I’ll do it again if Clinton runs or even Michelle Obama runs.

Repeal or replace it! That is what Trump said about Obamacare! Well Thursday is judgment day and Trump is going to lose! All he had to do was eliminate the mandate and Obamacare would have folded $$$$ in on itself. It still might and Trump set up himself to take the rap for that! 

Trump will have his tizzy-fit and move onto trying to accomplish other lies! I am still glad I voted for him! And hopefully he’ll full-fill on of his lies and eliminate the United States Department of Education. 

And then there is loser Paul Ryan who needs to be overthrown re: Speaker of The House! 


The Sun Rises For The Delaware State Board of Education

Exceptional Delaware

The Delaware Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee voted today not to Sunset the Delaware State Board of Education.  Sunset would have shut down the board.  I will write more details later since I arrived late for the meeting due to a prior commitment.  As for the State Board’s Executive Director, Donna Johnson, the board voted for option one in regards to her role: The Board will present to the Committee a revised Executive Director job description to better align with the Board’s duties.

Issues surrounding public comment got a bit of discussion.  The JLOSC voted unanimously that the State Board of Education shall allow public comment before each action item but with an amendment.  Public comment may not be allowed during action items that have a pre-established and finite public comment period, such as regulations and charter school issues.  The reason for this is because state code allows for…

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