Delaware’s new governor held hostage for former governor’s sins

Under the watchful eye of Delaware’s democratic controlled House and Senate Delaware slipped into a $350 million dollar budget deficit at the hand of former Governor Jack Markell.  And to top it off, Governor Markell ignored the cries of dire needs of our prison system and the call for reinforcements to fight the out of control murder rate in Wilmington.  Governor Markell was a no show in improving the quality of life in Delaware! Governor Markell appointed himself the education czar bent on re -engineering Delaware public schools to appease the Washington-Wall Street education ponzi scheme. Well he had help! The democrat majority supported Markell’s request that Delaware enter the Race to The Top race! The fools allowed rewrite of laws and regulations to boaster the chances of Delaware winning the Race to The Top 3 year education grant. Delaware won and the race is over and many of those RTTT laws are now being $$$ back-filled by local taxpayers.

Folks Delaware is broke! It can’t met its current obligation with out budget cuts and / or raising taxes! The rest of the county is enjoying economic growth but because of Jack Markell’s trash and burn on the way out of office the people will be force to wipe $$$$ his ass!

In comes the new Governor! John Carney! The wolves are at the door begging for more funding for public education, prison reform, law enforcement and  general aid to non profit community services. Our teachers union just say raise taxes its for the kids! Yet they want better pay and protection from paying more towards their healthcare. Some are on the boat defending Obamacare but guaranteed if ask  that all state-workers join the Obamacare healthcare exchange they’ll cry foul!

Governor John Carney was pretty much elected the day he enter the race for governor. Many forget former Lt Governor John Carney  who ran for governor in 2008 loss in the 2008 primary against former State Treasure Jack Markell. Many democrat elected officials turned their backs on John Carney and went with Markell as did the teacher’s union. Folks John Carney owes these people NOTHING!

Governor Carney is in a tough $$$$ spot! He recognizes our prison system is a powder keg and can’t afford to have another prison uprising! We honestly don’t want the Delaware National Guard to step in acting as prison guards. That is what will happen if Carney doesn’t address the powder keg. Education ?????????? Those ignoring other problems caused by former Governor Markell’s blunders don’t get it! THERE IS NO MONEY ! YOU GOT YOUR $$ CANDY WHEN MARKELL WAS GOVERNOR! Playing the card, “those who don’t support education tax increasing don’t support kids” bullshit is getting old. They worry about Trump’s plans to cut funding for Meals on Wheels but ignore the facts when school taxes go up somebody in need feels the $$$ pain!

Governor John Carney is a hard read! But make no mistake! He has teeth! And those wanted to trash him for not support expanding education series at a time their is no money better beware! Your $$$$ demands on Carney is nothing more than throwing gas on fire!  

As for Delaware elected democrat officials. I don’t think throwing stones at President Trump will deflect the truth you had a hand in Markell’s dictatorship! 2018 might not be the usual cake-walk in getting re-elected. You’ll support raising taxes between now and than and we’ll remember who you are!   


One response to “Delaware’s new governor held hostage for former governor’s sins

  1. The Democratic cabal has no one to blame but themselves. Remember in November.