The new Delaware reality ! NO MONEY !

It wasn’t that long ago Jack Markell had the dice in his hand and DSEA hanging over his shoulder blowing on them for good luck! He releases the dice and the rolled from one end of the table to the other ! SNAKE EYES ! Race to The Top aka the lat chance to get it right ! A moon shot!

Governor Markell gambled away our children’s future as he rearranged the education landscape! Markell was a complete failure in reforming Delaware public schools and as governor!

Now for the fallout! Governor Carney now holds an empty cash bag with no fault of his own! Odds are Markell’s gambling buddy DSEA will be nipping at his heels to do something! Folks there is NO MONEY ! 


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  1. Are you ready for a repeat? During the period 2006/2007 through 2014/2015 our districts received an additional $107 million dollars, property owners provided 68%. We now have over $50 million in delinquent school taxes in New Castle County.


  2. Remember Delaware Public School Districts must pass the tax money to the Charter Districts at full value. This means that any delinquent tax is an additional short fall for the Public School District. With this method of funding how can the districts suceed? The County and State governments need to make up the shortfall delinquent taxes create since they have the power to collect taxes by several methods. The school districts are at the mercy of the political units.


  3. It was my understanding choice/charter payments are based on revenue received. Revenue for districts has not only be reduced, but the problem has been made worse because the cuts were only in the areas that directly impacted our children, like transportation, supplies, energy.


  4. I remember years back there was very good article about corporations struggling to maintain their largely obsolete and unresponsive hierarchies of managers. The title was “First fire all the managers”. Google it. Why can’t we fire all the managers who cause this and keep workers until we find better ones.


    • Actions speak louder than words. Here are the actions taken by our Governor and legislators.
      A. They slashed funding only were it would impact our children.
      B. They increased state funding to DOE by 105%, which is $39.3 million dollars.
      C. Continued to fully fund all position above the school level.

      Nothing will change until the legislators believe they will not be re-elected if they do not cut the over head.


    • Agreed Sammie Gee and Jack.

      Delaware needs to heed PA’s and NJ’s lessons. Higher taxes lead to lower population, decreased jobs and lower prosperity.

      Broken record here. The Delaware residents keep voting for the same type of candidate hoping for different results. What’s the definition of insanity?
      Instead of cutting where we could (like ending prevailing wage or consolidating districts), our legislators cut what will hurt so that they can justify taxing more from, we the plebeians.
      Just this week:
      Bridge to allow walkers to walk and bike across the river to their places of amusement in Wilmington. This should have been one of the responsibilities of the builders when they built the condos and town homes on the south side of the river. But then that would have required for the planners of Wilmington to ‘PLAN’ for pedestrians crossing the river. Silly me, planners planning……
      DelDOT underestimated the project by 60%. 60%%%!! 18 million estimate vs. 28 million reality?? Well if these weren’t bid at PREVAILING WAGE RATES, the estimate would have been accurate but that funny bugaboo of rewarding the Unions for continuing to vote democratic is the gift that keeps on giving (or should we say, taking from the Delawarean / U.S. taxpayers)

      Delaware’s politicians will not be able to tax their way out of this. They need to end prevailing wage NOW. Reduce overhead (i.e.: DOE, HHS, DelDOT) and adjust to the new reality, their tax revenue cows; automotive manufacturing, DuPont & AstraZenaca are gone. Tolls on the new 301 won’t cover the losses and the taxpaying residents don’t have an extra 10% just lying around. The News Journal thinks Beach home owners and the 1% can cover the losses. Good Luck with that. Regressive tax strategies won’t work. Maybe they need to institute workfare. If able bodied, then you must work 20 hours a week OR no check. Verify that every employee of every company is a legal resident so only legal Delawareans can work those jobs. Maybe verify that no illegal immigrants are receiving state support. Maybe make Vehicle Inspection lane staff work 12-8 instead of charging overtime on Wednesdays for anything after 37 hours or after 3:45pm. They need to admit they have run out of other peoples money.

      Schools: EVERY TPS school was built or renovated with prevailing wages. Maybe State coffers wouldn’t be so stressed if taxpayers weren’t paying the maximum price for every building and renovation.


  5. RCCSD used to have 3 high schools, they now have 7. CSD enrollment has declined by over 4000 children, what is the cost of updating and maintaining unused program capacity.

    Excluding special schools RCCSD, during the period 2007 through 2016 received an additional $53,240,228, property owner provided 75.11% or $53,240,218, state $12,331,713 or 23.16%. School board not in favor of school referendums, owners not providing them enough money,


  6. Gerry Wright

    Jack Markell was a fine person who put the welfare of others before his own, sometimes or often.Jack Markell saw an opportunity with the election of Joseph Biden as Vice President to put the small, disrespected State of Delaware front and center in the minds of all Americans. By welcoming those who had faced difficulties obtaining benefits in neighboring States Jack Markell obtained the Richs of Diversity while loyally fulfilling the interests of the Democratic Party. Yes we are bankrupt as a State fiscally, but not intellectually, and no it was not Jack Markell’s fault that most Americans still don’t know where Delaware is.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Jack’s fixation with trying re-engineer public education distracted him from effectively governing Delaware. The deal with Fisker did seem promising but with Bloom he should of stepped and pull the plug for Bloom not meeting promised job creation. The blood of the dead prison-guard and the complete breakdown of the prison system in Delaware is on Jack Markell. Jack main problem was, his ego was bigger then his pride. As far as the democrats in Delaware! I think with the financial meltdown caused by Jack or rather a party the couldn’t create their Frankenstein we’ll see a few democratic fall from local office in 2018. Somebody gotta pay! So now the people have to pay a Jack Tax to clean this mess up. Not good! As far as Delaware ! Perhaps Maryland should annex Delaware! “Intellectually” smart citizens got hoodwinked by Markell’s nice guy charm! So dad that John Carney us going to get nail to the cross for the sins of Jack Markell.


    • Gerry, Serious question: When will you and the Delaware dimocratic party be offering to EMPTY your bank accounts to pay for your ‘intellectual’ enlightenment of ‘rich’ diversification?

      Why does the dimocratic party put the needs of refugees and illegal immigrants above the needs of citizens and legal residents? Doing so on your dime may be fine for you. How dare the dimocrats put everyone else’s dime on the table while our police, schools, and roads are neglected. Maybe that’s the lesson; that the ‘interests of the dimocratic party’ are not in the best interests of the state or nation. Financially they are not viable and policy wise they are detrimental to a cohesive state /nation.

      Gerry, You sir are off the chain and undeniably in denial about the realities of what government should be responsible for and what taxpayers should be funding. No one outside DE gives a rip about DE, nor should they. I couldn’t care less what the nation thinks of DE. In fact, the less they know, the better because that means less intrusion from people coming here to see what tax free shopping, and rainbow flying Rehoboth is like. Delaware and Delaware residents should come first Gerry. If there is extra left over, then let’s talk about extending generosity, but based on current fiscal outlooks, there is no extra. Thanks to dimocrat control in this state, there isn’t even ‘just enough’, let alone extra.

      Joe ‘go along’ Biden may be one heck of a nice guy but hardly did he present DE with opportunities. If he did, most residents didn’t benefit from them. RTTT was a joke, and now has created a financial obligation noose around the state, the schools and DOE’s neck.

      Jack, may even be a nice guy, but he wasn’t elected or put into a position of authority to be a nice guy. He was elected and put into a position to run a State. No Fiskar, minimal Bloom jobs, No automotive production, wretched TPS school situation (districts didn’t help matters), increased health insurance expenses, prison neglect, road neglect, Murdertown city, 350 million in the red, legalization of pot, driver’s licenses for illegal residents. Are some of these the principle success stories of the dimocrat party? I’m thinking I wouldn’t want some of these on my headstone when I’m gone.

      Kilroy; ‘ “Intellectually” smart citizens got hoodwinked ‘— kind of a contradiction isn’t it? If they were “intellectually” smart, would they have been able to be ‘hoodwinked’? Intellectually ‘blind’ maybe, but not smart. Definitely, definitely not smart. 2008, Jack Markel twisted & hurt my state, November 2008, definitely, definitely hurt my state.


  7. I believe the Governor would gain a get deal of support and trust of the residents if he reduced the overhead in our districts and DOE to fund the needs of the children in each school. He would obtain additional support by requiring financial transparency that would provide us with the per student cost by program showing, school, category of funds and account code, title of expense, information that is available but never published.