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Rep Longhurst inflicted with brain fart!

Report: more affordable after-school programs needed , The News Journal

Delaware needs more affordable and accessible after-school and summer-learning opportunities, according to a new report, especially as a lack of those services is leaving working families with insufficient after-school options and putting students at a disadvantage in school.

These were among the findings of the Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning Task Force, which brought together a collection of leading after-school care providers, educators and state agencies last year. The task force, created by House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst in June 2016, for the last several months has studied the issue of after-school and summer-break care for Delaware students, issuing its findings and recommendations Wednesday.

HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funds for the extra school time were appropriated from 1997 to 2008 but cut in fiscal 2009 due to budget shortfalls, according to the task force’s report. It’s unlikely funding can be restored this year — the state is facing a $350 million budget deficit — but Longhurst said it should be made a priority in the near future

2009 !!! Isn’t that when Jack Markell became Governor ??

In the meantime, Longhurst would like to form an Expanded Learning Opportunities Council, which could work with the Department of Education to complete a detailed market study documenting “in detail, current after-school and summer program offerings throughout the state in order to identify gaps in services.”

Yep another study another committee! 

Val there ain’t no money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!