Title 1 “school Choice” with “transportation” kept under the rug!

Title I, Part A, School Improvement & Public School Choice (PSC) Schools in improvement must meet specific requirements for communication with parents and guardians, and offer programs and services that support students who struggle to reach standard on state tests in math and reading. Your child’s school is now in a Step of improvement that calls for Public School Choice or PSC. This means that the district must offer parents or guardians the option to move their student to another public school not in improvement. At the start of the new school year, the district must send you information that talks about Public School Choice and explains how it works.

Eligible Students Public School Choice is an option for every student who attends a school 1) in a Step of improvement, and 2) funds added instruction and services through Title I, Part A. So, PSC provides an option you can consider once your student’s home school enters improvement. Household income is not a factor.

Transportation Free Until Your School Exits Improvement Public School Choice is free. Districts pay for transportation to another school out of Title I, Part A Program funds—as long as your neighborhood school remains in a Step of improvement. Once transferred, your student can remain in the new school even if your neighborhood school makes sufficient progress for 2 years in a row and is no longer in a Step of improvement. However, at that point, you will have to provide transportation to the new school.

So who wants to explain this in a way and average Title 1 parent can comprehend ? 


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