Delaware has a history of spoon feeding Title 1 parents

The State of Delaware’s Compliance with No Child Left Behind Public School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Provisions

FINAL AUDIT REPORT Control Number ED-OIG/A03F0002 November 2005  

Finding 1 – DDE Should Develop a Process to Adequately Monitor LEA Compliance with the ESEA Public School Choice and SES Provisions

DDE did not adequately monitor LEA compliance with ESEA’s public school choice and SES provisions. Although DDE provided guidance to LEAs, it did not have a process, including

Finding 2 – LEAs Did Not Comply with School Choice Requirements The school choice parental notification letters sent by all of the LEAs reviewed failed to include all of the information required by ESEA, and based on the enrollment data provided by each LEA, also failed to reach all students enrolled on the first day of school. In addition, the charter school LEA (MTA) eliminated some school choice options for students, and also failed to budget the minimum amount of funds for school choice transportation costs.



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